Monday, April 23, 2007


You've gotta know.... today if a fantastic day! Kids are off to school, HUGE sigh of relief.....
I've got sore abs from the workout yesterday.... this is good!
AND ...... My wee dog Izzy if finally a real "girl".... she's got her first "period".... hee hee he! It was really exciting to finally "see" that, I want to breed her, so it's kinda essential she gets into the swing of things eh? So, in another 9 months or so she can be bred..... whooo hoooo.

Above, a really lovely photo of the pigs.... oooops, I mean Steve and Lisa.... they are staying at her grandparents house at the moment..... no mess upstairs in my house! Anyway, I better get going, make a start on the day.

Above: Huston, my eldest Daughter's eldest son, has turned *5* and is off to school today too ! Hope Amanda doesn't cry like a baby! I've told her to drop him off and RUN !!! Sound advice I reckon... if the kid cries you just have to! He is wearing his bike helmet... he had just learnt to ride a bike with NO TRAINER WHEELS and was thrilled with himself.

MANDY, and everyone else.. I DO LOVE MY KIDS, really I's just that I am sick to death of them! Imagine having little kids (and big ones) in your face for 28 friggin years already!!! I never seem to get a whole day (24 hours) without someone needing something, or bitching, or fighting with one another, or needing to be fed, dressed, entertained..... get the drift? You out there with one or two kids..... have no idea what it is like to have 8 !

Now, with that said, I'm outta here, got to do the grocery shopping before we all starve!

Shopping - DONE, and I didn't spend as much as usual! This is good. Back is killing me - this is bad. Mike helped unload and put it all away - this is good. Trying to get all my favourites on my new computer - this is just a pain in the arse!!! Talk about time consuming.... before I know it , it will be time to go get the kids from school! And I feel like I've gotten nothing done today! Will have to get my butt off to the gym tonight for sure! later...I just coughed..... and it bloody hurt me abs!!! I HAVE ABS????

I must be into photos today ! Here's me "baby" Mike.... he's about 6 foot tall, and skinny.... plays rugby, indoor netball and not much else! He wants to go to Auckland University next year to train to be a Physiotherapist, until then... he's looking for a job.

I was really hungry a while ago, was going to make ham/cheese toasted sandwich (or two), but resisted the temptation.... and had a bloody banana instead! It's all good.

For all you POOR buggers out there.... NO.... I am not going to inflict photos of Izzy's rear end on you !! Have some decency.... she's a girl right? WE are very selfconscious ya know! And I've had a sandwich, alrighty?

HUMPH... didn't get to the gym afterall, been mucking around on the new computer all evening, talking to my daughter over MSN, trying to get the webcam up and running... not having much success there yet... Steve is working on it as I speak.... ooops, write. LOL

Might join Stew upstairs for a jog/walk on the treadmill soon, need to get off me butt! Nite nite.


  1. That photo is just gorgeous!!

  2. Love the photos hun..

    Can't stop laughing because you are too funny... sounds like you don't want kids around he he he

    Love ya

    P.S didn't reply no money on cell argghhhh sorry.

  3. Gorgeous pics!

    Yeah! I know my points are a tad under but I'm really trying to make up for my chocolate fest and when I look at the overall points for the week, it should balance out about right.
    I just gotta have a loss on the scales on Thursday...I have got to get to goal. I have played around for far too long with this weight loss thing and now I think I may have the bit between my teeth.....AGAIN! And when I do I don't usually let go until I have achieved what I have set out to do thats when I get a grip like I have this tme.
    Over the last few years I had been going through a terrible time (I wont go into detail) and I still put myself through college to qualify as a Beauty Therapist and I had the bit between my teeth then and I didn't let go until I achieved my qualification no matter what life threw at me and I did it, I am a qualified Beauty Therapist AND I gained an IT qualification also...fab! And all because I got the bit between my teeth.

    I have been slim a few times in my life but this time I want to get there and stay there!!!!!!!!

    Coronation Street, I think you are maybe be a tad over 1 year behind but what I will tell you is that, that horrible David Platt does not and has not changed....he is one horrible kid!!!! Tonights Coronation Street he was once again up to his sneaky tricks.

    Have a fab day

  4. My son is still working on the no training wheels thing. It's a long drawn out process with him lecturing us on why he'll fall. *sigh* Fantastic photo too, of the two!

  5. Although I have never had 8 kids....phew! It has been hard with just the 3 kids.

    When Michael was living at goodness the fighting, arguing etc etc just drove me up the wall and the demands...."mam where's my?" OR "mam what are we having?" OR "mam can I?" OR "mam will you?" etc etc etc - I just never seemed to have 5 minutes to myself....crazy!

    It is so much easier now with just the 2 at home although they do still fight and argue and come running down the stairs shouting "Adam or James has just hit me" but overall my kids are good.

    The OH can be a big kid also especially when he puts something down and then asks me where it I know where he put it....actually usually I do know...teehee

    Make sure you take plenty time out for yourself.


    I think you do a fab job hun!

  6. I think I'd be tired of kids after 28 years of it too.

    Cute kids though!

  7. It wasn't meant to be mean hun. I know you love ya kids and I can only imagine (since I have only two) that it would be hard to have 8 kids.


  8. Wahooo ABS!! you are have a fantastic day!! but next time stop stealing all my zen ... mines turned to shit!!! :p

  9. Nice looking couple.

    I take my hat off to you, I couldn't do it, I'm struggling working full time with 1 child.No actuallly three, my dog and husband(who sometimes acts like a big kid!!!)

  10. Abs hey.... wow...
    You must be doing something right!!!
    But a banana for come on lady... you know thats not enough! Dont you dare go starving yourself!!
    Love the pics... you have a pretty good looking bunch of kids there... Hmm Must come from thier fathers side....rofl... Tart!

  11. LOL.... I am sick of the kids too and I've only been a mother for 8 years!! lol......
    I'd watch out Wanna B .... she is coming down this way soon.... she may kick your arse!! lol ...... *pissing myself laughing*

  12. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Bananas are the world's most perfect food!

    But you need more than one for it to be called *lunch*!

    Cute pics of the fam, and I'm cringing in anticipation of photos of Izzy's rear end *cower* *hides*

  13. Aargh! Now I'm starting to wonder if building a big house to fit all the kids in is really a good idea. Perhaps they'll never want to leave?

    19 years and counting. Oh, 27 if you count the weekends-and-school-holiday parenting of a stepchild. Sheesh.

    Of course, I do love them - it's 3:25pm and I'm starting to anxiously peer out the window, looking for my 11 year old coming home from school. 10 more minutes and I'll be starting to worry.

  14. I totally get where you are coming from with the kids. If it were me, I would be mad as a meataxe by now. I am mad with 2, and one is at school every day!! I think you are a wonderful person, and it takes guts to do what you do everyday, and you are losing weight to boot! I stay up late every single night, and end up tired the next day, just because I so desperately need my own time without my girls. I just need it for my own sanity!! People say, "God, I would rather sleep!", but they have daycare, and grandmas and Aunties take their kids while they have romantic dinners and go to concerts every fortnight, I have NOBODY to help me. So, I totally agree, that nobody knows what it's like!

  15. I totally understand about needing a break from the kids. Mine were out of the house all weekend and it was great.

    Lucky you a new computer. Oh what fun.

    Goodluck with the dog. Be very careful dogs will come from near and far.

  16. Your pictures are great - what a gorgeous family! I can't believe you are happy at a dog's period - that sounds totally gross!! Makes me glad I have a boy dog - do you have to keep her in the garden?

  17. Where did you get Izzy? Unless she has papers and has been proven in the show or working ring and has had the neccessary health tests etc and is an outstanding example of her breed she should never have puppies!


    (reply privately if you like cause I don't check comments LOL)


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