Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I'm off walking with my gym buddy this morning, then who knows? I might pop into town and look for placemats, take Izzy into town and walk her around lots of people to get her more socialised... she jumps on people in excitement, and I want to try and stop her doing it by conditioning her to being around lots of people.

Griffin slept in this morning, but has woken in a shitty mood, doesn't want this or that for his breakfast.... and is now grizzling cos I ended up giving him cereal and apple ... and he's sure he didn't want that! Friggin kid drives me nuts! GRRRR


Well, got to the gym and Janet soooo did not want to go walking, I tried to persuade her, but no... she just wanted a sauna... so we had a sauna.
Now I'm home, all hot and sweaty, and am going to walk into town with Izzy (the dog) again.... KEK... thanks for the laugh mate!

Had a neat walk with me dog, she was really good! Stew dropped us home again, and I've just had the most yumm lunch... coleslaw, brown rice and shrimps. Am freezing now, cooling down from my walk etc I suppose, and going to find a sweatshirt!

Below, my most precious pigs... I used to collect them.. hmmmm there's a story in there somewhere...subconscience working!

Most of these ones were given to me by my darling brother, Vern, who died in 1999, and two are from my Mum and another from my dear friend Frieda.... I have two boxes full of more pigs in the attic, am going to put them on Trademe.... I don't collect them anymore, not since my brother died.....

But I digress.... I WAS A PIG THIS AFTERNOON .... I ate *GULP* 4 FRIGGIN EASTER EGGS ! And I don't even like them that much, I have no idea why I did it, I feel bloody awful, and want to jump out the window, only all I would achieve doing that is flattening the hydrangeas! BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST.

A nice quiet evening ahead, no dramas, yummy dinner (casseroled chicken), Coronation Street (hee hee), maybe I'll get on the exercycle then have a sauna... then ahhhhhhh bed. BLISS. nite nite


  1. Boy, I thought you had a really badly behaved kid for a minute there....then I realised Izzy must be your dog! Bwahahaha!!

  2. You funny lady with yuor goggles on!

  3. I agree with Anne, you looked hilarious with those goggles on, though mate, if it works who cares!!

    What sort of dog is Izzy??

    Still have to get off of my butt and have a look at the bach flowers and I think I might send you a food diary to fill in for Griffin for a week, then you can map his food and moods and we can see if there is any obvious trends. Don't give up, I will get my shit sorted and help.

  4. "Friggin kid drives me nuts" had me in fits of laughter! You sound just like me ... lovem to bids but they drive me mad!!

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  7. Oh well Easter only comes once a year! I used to love those chocolate creme eggs but now find them sickeningly sweet. Think if I do have a choccy treat I'll shout myself some of those Lindor balls - they are just to die for!! Mind you the little buggers are 2 pts each!
    If I don't get another chance to comment - hope you and your family have a lovely Easter.
    Z xx

  8. OOO must've been something in the weather...i had 3 little easter eggs and one large one.


  9. Whoa....4 Easter Eggs....oh well...such is life - what is done is done, move on and forget about it and with all the activity you do those eggs will be worked off in no time.

    Heeheee...have to confess and this is true that when I was about 17 years old I sat and ate 18 of the Cadbury's Creme Eggs in one sitting AND that is when they were bigger....have you noticed over the years they have blummin SHRUNK????....anyway beat that hun....teehee


  10. Everybody is stressing and grumpy in this part of the world as well. Yikes!!!!

    Darn Easter chocolate, I hear it calling. I bought a bag 500G of Cadbury's Mini Easter Eggs. Thats all we are having around the house this year.

    Good luck with the Pup.


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