Thursday, April 26, 2007


So, good news, Mike got himself a job, finally! Ok, its working in a supermarket.. but it's a job that he can do and make a bit of money with until he heads off to University next year. I'm wrapt, one less useless teenager under my feet during the day... or sleeping all day, which gets right up my nose!

Today, kids to school, walk with gym buddy, housework, ???. later...

Got to make this quick... been walkies, was fantastic.... now going up to the hospital with Steve for his Heart monitor check up and then off to see the Cardiologist.. 6 months since Steve was referred to Auckland Hospital for his Heart Procedure... and we have not heard a thing from them..USELESS BASTARDS !! OOOO bad bad word... and I care? ...ha ha ha, if ya know me by now you've just gotta know I don't !

1st appointment done, Steve can have his heart monitor taken out of his chest soon... this is great.... it's battery is nearly dead.... then he can start thinking about applying for the Police Force, hopefully they will accept him.... as long as his health picks up I suppose.... who knows? I think he's kidding himself thinking the Police will take him on when he has dizzy spells and blackouts randomly!
Shortly (1.30pm) we go back to see the Cardiologist...

WHAT THE F*#k ??? After 4 years of medical tests, ECG's, Blood tests, x-rays, medically inserted Heart Monitor in his chest, endless visits to the hospital etc etc, "THEY" have decided the problem is NOT HIS HEART.... but Postural Hypotension... which they can do nothing much about! I am beyond pissed off.... my son has been put through hell for "something" they can do nothing about.... and now they are trying him on some medication to try to stabilise his blood pressure... BUT it may not work! Oh great.

Ok, I'm hugely relieved his heart is actually fine and they are not going to go in there and dick around with it... but at the end of the day we are back to square one. *HUGE SIGH* As for how this will affect his getting into the Police Force, I have no idea! Will cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose. I feel really sorry for him, he's just feeling FLAT I think.

Now, just in case you thought I was "normal" .... I was walking this morning with my gym buddy and lying on the side of the road was the "thingee" below... and I just couldn't leave it there, I love random metal tools and stuff... so I picked it up and proceeded to carry it for a further 4 kilometres back to the gym! It is quite heavy... but nevermind, it will look neat hanging from a tree or on the fence! It will just add to the weird collection of metal shit I already have littered around my yard. My letterbox is made from a D85 Bulldozers' crankshaft and a metal tool box... my brother Vern made if for me... my Dad was a logging contractor for 45 years, I have quite a few bits and bobs from his machinery! I'm weird, I know.

Too funny, got two ladies telling me what my "thingee" is, and both say different! ha ha ha.

And Livy, my house in NOT immaculately clean .. far from it! It's too bloody big for me to keep it immaculate! 5 bedrooms, 1 study,1 huge rumpus room, 2 baths, 3 loos, 3 showers, kitchen, dining room, lounge, laundry, and double garage... I need a housekeeper! One day I might find the right one.

Better sign off before this turns into a bloody book... nite nite.


  1. That's great news!! And it will do him the world of good getting out to do something each day.

    And don't look down on the fact that it's "only" a supermarket job. Bill started off pushing trolleys for a supermarket and ended up being store manager for a supermarket earning $85,000.00 p.a. plus a brand new company car. So there can be good money in supermarketing if that's the way he chooses to go.

  2. LOL - sleeping all day, what IS that about? I remember doing it myself, but what a waste of a day!

    My eldest got a part time job in a fast food place at age 15 and at 18 he was a full-time manager. He's at uni now, and working somewhere else, but it was all good experience. They have to start somewhere.

  3. Great news about Mike getting a job.

    Hope the back is feeling better now, it must have been that extra effort making those pies...LOL

  4. The income will make him feel great, nothing more depressing than sleeping all day, although, that being said, sometimes it is lovely to just self indulge a little.

  5. Pleased to hear about Mike's job - one less kid around for you to worry about!

  6. At least on the positive side his heart is fine, have never heard of the condition he has though?? Maybe, just maybe there could be alternative health people that could help, could also be worth a look on the internet, surely there is something that could help him. Can understand your frustrations in our health system!

  7. I'm glad to hear it is not his heart!! I hope they work it out soon .... Does this mean he can/can't join the police force?
    I've been under a cardiologist for 8 years, tests, cardiac unit for weeks!! you name it ... It is so scary when you are dealing with such a vital organ. I hope they gets to the bottom of his illness and soon!

  8. Gosh, he's been put through so much not to mention the stress you'd have as parents either. Hope all goes well.

    Congrats on Mike's job. A reason for him to get up in the morning.

  9. OMG... Steve was SOOOO big... that's almost 12lbs! Did you have GD? Also, you say he was ugly (poor little tacker) did you think that at the time, or just now when you look back? That is such a mammoth effort to have him 100% naturally!!! Bloody Amazing!

  10. mmmm,,,,, ok I've got to agree with you on this one, your weird. (but in the nicest possible way of course). I know a lot seem to love collecting strange bits of junk,,,oops, I mean very important pieces of metal stuff......... but I've never heard of a woman who can share this strange passion. Actually come to think of it I think my father would probably have loved to have a wife like that as most of his pieces of random junk have been confined to his garage as my mother won't allow it in the house. (or to be seen by anyone) lol

  11. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I love weird!! Weird is good!

    Now I know I'll like you! Lol

  12. ooo a job is all good. supermarkets are a good plan to go and score heaps of pingas when ya young...can work heaps and make some cool mates on the crazy shifts esp of xmas too..although working over that time sucks too.

    yay for you too..less mouth...less money to fork out...

  13. Great news about the job...... and good that is not the heart either....

    BTW those pies looked awesome :)


  14. Just racing off to a jewellry party but thought I'd tell you that your 'thingee' is a fence tensioner - for tightening up wires on fences - farmers and the like use them. Must dash - toodles!

  15. Ok Chrissy Babe, I am about to make your day!! The metal 'thing' that you found on the side of the road is called a "CHAIN DOG" or (chain binder). It is to pull up the slack in chain when you are using it to load shit onto to trucks. I'm not sure whether you knew that or not, but I just asked David and he told me! (Good to see he's good for something!!). I am so sorry to hear about all the heart worries.. makes me dramas seem pale in comparision really. Yes, I hate lazy assed kids that lay around the house too.... I was one once!!
    By the way, I was thinking of you today... I would love to see what your house looks like.. I think you are always cleaning, and I think your house would be IMMACULATE... am I right??

  16. Wow - you live in a mansion! I miss NZ sized accommodation! People in England cannot believe it when I tell them every house has a laundry room. Here you have those stupid front-loading washing machines in the kitchen.

  17. Great news about the job. My boy starts summer vacation today. Although he has a part-time job during the school term I think he needs something more for the summer. Otherwise the partying is never going to stop.

    Around around you go and where you stop nobody knows ......I can understand your frustration with the Medical Community. Lets hope the medication will put and end to his problems.

    Thanks for your comments yesterday. Im just whining because of my health and once again my diet has to be limited even more. I came to the same conclusion as you "I need to cut back".

    Happy hiking! Hope you find more interesting stuff along the way.

  18. I agree with livy, it's for holding down loads on trailers we sell them at work but up here in Canada we call it a "Boomer"!! ;) I always think of that x-mas song with the white boomers (Kangaroos) when someone orders them. LOL :)

  19. Glad to hear your son got a job! That's great. And also, your other son that it's not his heart. I hope they get to the bottom of what's wrong and that they are right this time.
    With my uncle getting cancer lately, they changed the diagnosis every week and that was the frustrating part. The health care system and the rollcoaster of emotion!

  20. Great news on Mike's job.
    Hope they sort Steve out soon, must be awful people telling you different things.

  21. Ya metal thingee here is called a "twitch" yes... used to tighten loads of logs n thing on semi trailers... I have seen my brothers use them on thier loads...
    If they arent careful they can spring back on them with the tension they put on them and my Brother has scars on his forhead to prove it.. haha..


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