Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hmmmm, forgot to get on here... was busy .... got RPM at 9.30 this morning... and I do not feel like going... got TOM AGAIN... and feel like crap.

Must go take me Acid pills to stop the flooding...aaaah, that's better.. I moved, and my legs are not happy with me! Sore and stiff... so I suppose I had better move my butt and go to the gym!

I am feeling really FAT today, so I'm grumpy as hell... my knickers are tight.... so not happy at all. Actually, don't come near me today, I AM PISSED AS... at myself of course... too much food over the past few days... I think I shall have NOTHING today to de-tox. later...

Went to the gym, did my full body weight workout, added 5kgs to all the leg ones, then did the hour long RPM (spin cycle class), and now I am truly exhausted! Am going to have a nice sauna at home before I do anything else... and I am feeling a bit better... funny how getting good and tired can make ya feel a bit better!

*** Jules, I am going through "That time of life", where ya just never know when "it" is gunna arrive, or not arrive...such a pain! And believe it or not, abstaining from food for 24 hours usually makes me feel 100% better too! Obviously I don't do it very often, as I do know it's not usually a good thing, but for me it revitalises my batteries! Weird, but true.

ALL RIGHT ALREADY! Before too many more of you buggers come crawling outta the woodwork to tell me off about not eating today.... I have right this minute put a WW meal in the microwave and I will eat it.. all 4 points of it.. and I will have another one at Dinnertime... ok?
Chicken Hot Pot.... oh my .... where has this little bugger been hiding all my life? SOOOOO yum, mashed potatoe on top..... oooooooooo! I'm in loooove ....
Have had a quiet afternoon, still feel like shit, in actual fact me tummy is feeling worse! Oh well, shit happens. Have had lamb chop, potatoe and peas for dinner..... a bit greasy.... not so nice. What's on the telly tonight? Cos I'm gunna curl up and not move again till bedtime..... ahhh bliss. nite nite


  1. I came on here and had to have a little laugh at your brutal honesty on exactly how you are feeling!! Somedays it feels all a bit of an effort to get moving! I don't want to go to the gym either - just curl up with a book sounds good!

  2. Michael's girlfriend is a B&*%h and nope she is far from shy, she is just a nasty piece of work from a not so good family.

    Chris dont have a day of not eating, thats not good and wont help the way you are feeling.

    Okay I will pop back later before I go up that wooden hill to bed.

    Hey what do you expect with your Barbie legs? Barbie legs are supposed to be stiff...heehee


  3. I feel fat today too. My stomach has been upset all day thanks to the chinese food from last night. Hope you've had a good day though.

  4. Having nothing to eat when you have your TOM is just not a good idea. You need to eat or the grumpiness will overtake you. You seem to have your TOM all the time. What's going on??

  5. I agree with Linda... not a good idea to have a day with no food hun it would make you feel worse.

    I sooooo wish I was you at the moment with exercise as I am missing mine soooo much...


  6. ((Big Warm Hugs!!)) ......((running in opposite direction before I get my head ripped off!!)) ..... lol ....

    I hope you feel better soon ....!!

  7. Good!!! I am glad you are eating!! ONLY BECAUSE WE CARE!


  8. Hi Chris you make me laugh I love your honesty matey. and hey I say do what will make you feel the best.

    I noticed on your rewards you have got a pandora braclet , my mum recently just bought one, they are really nice. enjoy your day and i hope you start to feel better

  9. good girl! better to eat a little than starve your body, the way I look at it cutting back dramatically is fine but cutting food out all together is a big fat NO NO!! teehee

  10. My favourite is the Satay Chicken!! Yummy!!
    ((flinches .... like she's gonna get hit!!)) lol .....

  11. I absolutely love that Chicken Hot pot stuff, the WW dinners are fantastic! Chicken Fettucini is my favourite. If only i could afford to eat them from lunch and dinner!!!!!

  12. I love your home improvements. Doesn't it feel great. We did the same over the weekend.

    I have to say I'm pleased TOM is coming to visit you at odd times. Simply cause I don't feel alone anymore. He visits me when ever he damn well feels like it. I refuse to let him get me down tho. But there are times .....

    Think a road trip is in order soon either R to P or P to R, whatever comes first aye.

  13. I do love your entries - they always make me smile and giggle!
    I love your honesty :) I may not comment frequently but believe me I am reading!
    Take care

  14. Hope your feeling better tomorrow

  15. Keep thinking positive babes! and you do realise that you have to eat to lose weight??? Hehehehe

  16. You know what? If you don't feel like eating, don't. Don't do it to punish yourself, but if you are not hungry and don't feel like eating don't force it!

    I think this way because I religiously drink 3 litres of water a day...then about once every 4 weeks, I don't drink any water for the day. I just don't feel like it! It makes me want to throw up to consider it! I fought it for years, but now I'm lke WHATEVA! YOU DON'T WANT THE WATER!? OK!


  17. That WW meal looks deeee-lish! I don't think we have those in the US yet... or I haven't seen them anywhere. Then again, microwave meals never taste nearly as good as they look.....Anyway.....
    Hope you're spirits perk up! Keep up the good work you gym bunny!

  18. Poor dear, hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Your comment made me laugh. I am truly a Twit.

    Take care. Nothing better then curling up and watching a good program, thats always one of my biggest objectives by the end of the day.

  19. I don't think we can get WW meals here!? I've never seen them but they do look really good!

    Sorry to hear that your not feeling very well! Take care! ;)


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