Thursday, April 05, 2007


Got up this morning,and.... no internet connection! Gawd, talk about feeling like me arms cut off!! So, upstairs I went to tweak the other two computers, pull out the connections and put them all back... still nothing.
So, I had to get Steve outta bed, he had gone to bed at 4am, so he wasn't too chuffed with me.... TOO BAD! He found the problem, a disconnected cable behing his computer.... wasn't Me! Ahhhhh, I'm BACK!

Ok, ok, I was only 'gone' for 2 hours, but it felt awful! How am I going to manage when we go on holiday to Australia for 2 weeks ! Internet Cafe's better be plentiful is all I can say.

Not walking with my gym buddy today, she's got to work.... so not sure what to do.... go to gym or vacum the house! decisions.....

been reading Blogs..... must STOP !!!
I have decided to break down my target loss into small chunks, and reward myself when I reach each step.... so for every 3 kgs I lose, I get a reward.... The only problem is I can't think of much to reward myself with! I have thought of Acrylic Nails, and a weekend away with just Stew.... then my mind is a blank! Any Ideas? Bearing in mind we ain't millionaires! I have lost NO weight since I started this blog, in fact I have gained..... I am struggling big time.....

Friggin !! The reward ideas are flooding in, and I'm jumping up and down with delight ! So many ideas, I shall have to reward myself every 2 kilos to fit them all in! I was so thrilled with some of the ideas, I went and vacumed the lounge/dining room with much gusto... keep them coming, the house will be spick and span really soon at this rate! *Clapping hands with glee*

How many points in a small green caterpillar ? Cos I'm bloody sure I just ate one with my coleslaw.... eeeeewwww, it DID NOT taste nice ! It would be PROTEIN eh? lol

Ok, must be no points in a caterpillar then! Cool.

Now, this afternoon, I'm sitting at my computer desk minding me own business and I hear someone come in the front door, I'm thinking it's Stew home for lunch.. then this female voice says "HI".... hmmmmm.... who the hell is that? I turn around and it's my niece, Chris, who lives in Melbourne! For once in my life I'm gobsmacked, no words come outta my mouth for a good 10 seconds (this is a LONG time), then "What the fuck are you doing here?" I say!

Seems she's taken a week off work and has popped home for a visit.... so lovely to see her! I nearly cried, I have missed her so much..... anyway, we are still having a great gass bag, catching up on all her news... she doesn't need to catch up on mine... she reads me blog every day! I will be taking some photos just as soon as my camera batteries are charged... OK Ash / Shelley ? lol

Look, I even fed her! Meatballs with Ham over noodles. Niiiice.

Righty ho, it's been a really neat day, thanks for all the reward suggestions! Am going to put up a new Goal/Reward thingee over the weekend.... until then, nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    You are coming to Australia?!!!

    How do I not know about this?

    Do you have a laptop? You could bring that, cause there's tonnes of hotspots and free wifi all over the place.

    For example - when my connection goes down.... I use my neighbours wirelessly... hehehe

  2. Oh! Do I know how you felt by not getting on line.

    We were like that for the month we were off line which was due to a major dispute with that greedy misleading BT company who were charging us since September 2006 for a narrow band connection which we didn't have through them, we have broadband through a totally different company so we refused to pay BT until it was sorted because they were just not in any hurry to sort it and kept passing the problem from one department to another so BT decided to restrict out line despite the fact they said they wouldn't as it was a fault on their part hence us being mislead because they did restrict our line at the time -all sorted now though and we have been reimbursed but that is why we were off line and it was awwwwwwfuuuuul but it was the principal of the matter.

    I do like the Weight Watchers products because they are already pointed.
    Tesco's supermarket in this country also point there own foods but WWers are kicking up about it, unfortunately the nearest Tesco supermarket is quite a way - about 10 mile away so not as close as Asda.

  3. mmm, rewards.
    I don't know if this would work for you but this is what I'm doing. I use things that I normally just go and do as my reward. For example, I NEED my hair trimmed (and coloured) but I am waiting until I have lost another 5kg before allowing myself to have it done. It is driving me nuts as bits are hanging in my eyes, but I only have 1.7kg to go before I can book myself an appointment. I know my reward system probably sounds a bit like self torture and in some ways it is, but it works for me and thats what counts in the long run.
    Other rewards I have given myself are a pedicure (used to have one a month, but hung out until I had reached my first 5kg loss)
    Other rewards I enjoy are a magazine subscription, spend some flybuy points, putting a set amount of $ into my fun fund to be used towards new clothing down the track. For each kilo I use I put $5 into my fun fund. This will be spent on new clothing when I have lost 30kg.

  4. I read on Jaxx blog that she bought herself a charm bracelet and for every mile stone she buys a charm to add to the charm bracelet...good idea I thought.

    You could treat yourself to
    hair dresser i.e. new colour, style
    piece of clothing
    new dinner service
    professional photo
    A night in a kids, not even the hubby....piece and quiet....ah bliss
    day at a spa
    full pamper day at home
    A new WWers product

    There is just a few.


  5. These are some of my favourite rewards, Chris:

    - Massage, facial or other spa/beauty treatment
    - Spray tan (makes you look and feel thinnner, I promise!)
    - A book or CD/DVD I've been wanting
    - New clothes. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive
    - Some sort of fitness equipment. Heart rate monitor, stop watch, a medicine ball, new runners... whatever takes your fancy.
    - A day off from the kids! Go have a girls' day out, see a movie, have lunch, window shop.

  6. I go nuts when my internet connection is screwy too! I think a massage sounds like a terrific reward... or a pair of shoes you've had your eye on... or a hot new piece of clothing... It sounds like you've got your exercise down. The weight will follow suit! Keep it up!

  7. You need to try something different I think! (Being the friggin expert that I am!). What has worked is now not working so well so it's time to mix it up a little. Try walking kids to school?? Try a new healthy recipe book. Try Low GI. Try Food Combining. Try IE (and no, I don't mean internet explorer!). Try the Okinawa way. Something to kickstart the enthusiasm again. Rewards are good as long as you really really want them. No point putting random things you don't give a shit about.

  8. That's Julesosabi to you mate. You are a legend walking kids to school every day. Funny, I was truly going to suggest alcohol. Alcohol often leads to dancing stupidly all night long, singing and, if you're lucky, a good spew in the morning. Nothing better for weight loss. As long as you eat the KFC BEFORE you spew and not after!

  9. Well, that's good then Chris, as laughing expends calories. Maybe you need to hang out with me more often and then it'll just fall off. I actually find that I lose weight faster when I'm not at home by myself. When I am at home alone I tend to boredom eat and when I am around other people I tend to eat smaller amounts and not so much naughty stuff. Anything is better than nothing mate. Wax on wax off Daniel Son.

  10. Just had a huge giggle at some of the suggestions, all good ones (love the sprew after the KFC).

    I have an excel spreadsheet set up at work and I have a graph and mini goal (ie. every 2.5kgs) and it seems to work some of the time.

    I'll send it to you.

  11. I think it should be explained for the purpose of other commenting bloggers that Chris and I are having a conversation back and forth on each others comment pads. Otherwise it just looks like I am a stalker nutbar who says random things.

    Have just updated blog so that will let you know what I'm up to mate. I'm well and having a great day. You go finish the vacuuming and I'll go sort out my trailer trash house for the impending arrival of relatives and friends tomorrow.

  12. I need a kick start -- a change to my eating too! Looking seriously into some big changes after I get Easter out of the way!

    I'was going to suggest the charm bracelet too but see Janene beat me to it! Love mine and hey it's something your kids could contribute to if they are ever stuck for gifts. Also love my acrylic nails - Í'm into treats!

  13. mmmm..... was wondering if Jules was losing her mind??? lol ....

  14. EEEEWWW on the caterpiller. It's funny you mentioned about not losing any weight since you started blogging cause I'm the same I have been yo-yoing since I started blogging myself last November. Maybe it's because I'm spending more time on my fat arse now!!

    For rewards what about a massage( it would help with your fluid retention) or a pedicure.

  15. maybe some sort of challenge??? something to achieve and target for - so this blog is like a regular update on what and how you're doing...just an idea...its hard because its easter too...

    i'm soo over chocoolate - only because i soooooooooo shouldn't have been eating it!!

  16. Oh my reward is a fine bottle of scotch.. hehe...
    Nah just joking..i havent done little rewards.. Mine was when i hit 80...(this was when i was about 94kg) I would get a new tattoo... I have gotten to that goal and have a voucher to go do it..(ty Mark) but just havent gotten there yet... and my next goal is 70 kg... and then i can get my motorbike licence....
    Maybe I should work on smaller goals...I want my tatt so might get that done soon...
    Oh and jules.. we know you are a nutter and just jealous that you dont stalk us too... hahahaha

  17. So nice to have a special guest. Eww about the caterpillar.

    Struggling is a huge burden, and I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Let peace reign.

    Have a wonderful day.


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