Monday, February 12, 2024



After our market yesterday, I finally did this:

ABOVE:  Yes!  I got to soak in the new bath.

It was wonderful, so relaxing.  LOTS of bubbles!

And I had no trouble getting out of it either, which was something I was a bit worried about.

ABOVE:  Bex took this adorable photo of the kids a couple of days ago.  Archer was hysterical because Lily had JUST filled her nappy... loudly.

Very funny.

Now, back to today.

Stew is home for the rest of the week, he tested positive for bloody Covid last night.

I am going out today to get more tests, and a few bits 'n' bobs.

I might give having a walk a miss this morning, I've got heaps to do in the sewing room once I get home from the shop and chemist.

We had Steve, Bex and kids over yesterday afternoon.  I'm hoping that Lily will be immune from catching Covid as she should get immunity via breast milk.  Though Stew didn't go near her as he had a headache, and didn't feel great.

I am still free of it thank goodness.  

We will be giving the kids a wide berth for the next week to be safe.

And yesterday at market we never got close to anyone, and there was a very blustery wind blowing, so I'm sure he didn't 'infect' anyone.

Luckily, the strains of Covid going around now are much less virulent than the original ones.

And that's all for now...


12.45 am, it's been a busy morning.

I slept in till 9 today, so did Stew.  Clearly we both needed it.

After that I got on with all my Monday morning jobs.  That was finished around 11.  Then I had brunch, before heading into the sewing room to lay out some more runners.

Stew has been parked in front of the telly all morning, enjoying his enforced rest.  He's not too miserable thankfully.

I'm staying away from him as much as possible, because :

A.  I don't want to catch his covid and

B.  He really doesn't want to die from 16 stabs in the chest!  His constant sniffing and snorting is driving me INSANE!

ABOVE: 4.45 pm.  I did two hours of sewing, then I spent 2.5 hours in the pool and lying in the sun.  What a perfect afternoon.
I'm now back in the sewing room for another couple of hours work.

Stew is still in the family room, watching TV, dozing, sneezing, snotting, ikkking.  He said it's the headache that is the worse, it just won't go.  I remember that feeling from when I had Covid the first time.

8.27 pm.  I'm finally done for the day.  I've gotten heaps done today!  Lots of pottering around the house, sewing, swimming, and so on.

Now it's time to put me feet up and relax.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your bath looks soooo good.
    Poor Stew. I hope he isn't too crook.

  2. Woohooo you finally got your bath!! Boo to Covid! It does seem to just be like a cold/flu now though.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Oh goodness, hate to hear this about Stew and I hope Steve and his family do not get it. My son is down with fatigue, a cough and runny nose but has tested negative twice now. I am so tired of Covid, it disrupts everything!! Grrr Hang in there and I hope you don't get it, but like you said, it seems to be not as debilitating as when it first came about. Ky Girl

  4. Aw! The bath looks fabulous and so does you tan! Wow!
    Hope Stew's Covid is short and mild!

  5. Wishing Stew a quick recovery and that it misses the rest of the family. Hugs.

  6. I hardly knew I had covid and only tested because my daughter had a headache and we'd been on a cruise. Hopefully Stew will be fine in a few days. How lovely having a bath finally. It's always nice to have the option even if you don't use it often. We found the grandkids all used ours a lot and only now have grown out in favour of showers.

  7. Oh what a worry covid in the house. Bath looks delicious been a very long time since I've been able get in a bath leadt of all out. Cant do spa anymore either cause of my blood pressure. Have a good day. Nurse Chris

  8. Kiwionholidays2:07 PM

    Those 3 in the picture absolutely beautiful,,,
    Hey that’s a great shot of the bubble bath as well
    What a neat addition to your home 🏠

    I’m sure Stew will recover quickly as he’s like you in that you keep up your fitness levels ,,, and the strains aren’t like the original

    Hope the rest of family are going good too πŸ’―πŸŒ΄πŸ₯πŸ•ΊπŸΏ☕️
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  9. I hope Stew gets well soon. I had Covid a couple weeks ago and the worst of it was all the congestion and the cough. I still have a bit of it but feel much better. Its a lot different then it was at first. Love your bathroom,so pretty!

  10. Rhonda4:01 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous photo of you Chris, you look so happy. Hope you don’t get COVID, mild or not no one wants to feel yuck! Hope Stew recovers quickly

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Good job Steve The Builder!! Bath looks awesome πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ poor Stew hope it doesn't hit him too hard GM πŸ’™πŸ’™

  12. Happy kids
    Happy Chris
    Sorry to hear Stew unwell
    Love the bath picture!

  13. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Love that laugh on Dantes face. Get well soon Stew. It seems to be rife everywhere. Stay safe Chris. Kj

  14. Get well soon Stew.
    Love all your pics today…and that includes the goodnight pic 😘

  15. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I can no longer get out of a tub but never really enjoyed a bath, so showers it is. I did enjoy sitting in a whirlpool with a bunch of the girls after our morning run. Lots of laughs were had. I have not had covid yet, thankfully but do get the covid vaccine every six months because I am a senior. Looks like Lily has a sense
    of humour. Get well Stew. Gigi

  16. Bath looks lovely. Hope Stew feels better quickly.


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