Saturday, February 24, 2024



It was lovely to see Emily and Liam last night.  Their Dad Andrew brought them over for dinner.

They loved the meal, I do believe we all did.

ABOVE:  The kids didn't arrive with their togs, so we improvised.   I think next summer I will make sure I have spare togs in the drawer for just those occasions. The pool has gotten so much use this summer, it's been neat.

We probably have another month of swimming before it starts to get too cold.  😫😭😞

ABOVE: the second funky bird runner ready for stitching.  I will probably add some foliage somewhere as well.

This morning I am going to work on those two funky bird runners.  Then Stew and I will go somewhere nice for lunch.

Maybe a walk too... that will depend on the weather.  Hoping it's cloudy like yesterday so we can.


ABOVE: 11.50 am, and that one's done.

Now its lunchtime and we are at a cafe in Chartwell Square.  Having a 'Big Breakfast ' ... should be good.

Then we will head home to enjoy a couple of hours in and out of the pool. 

ABOVE: The Big Breakfast at Robert Harris Cafe in Chartwell Square.

Do ya want the 'very nice review'?

Or the accurate one?

Yeap... let's have the accurate one shall we?

Eggs - perfect and hot.

Sausage, bacon, mushrooms - Luke warm at best.  Cooked prior and just reheated.  Mushrooms had far too many dry herbs in the mix.  Was yuk.  Stew ate mine.

Hash Brown - perfect, nice and hot.

Half a tomato - nice and hot.

Baked Beans - cold!

Sourdough Bread - Not bad, hard to cut, but you expect that.

They were generous with the tomato sauce and butter.

So on a whole I'd give it a 5/10, but only just.

We shall try somewhere different for our next Big Breakfast.

ABOVE: The 'decoration' on top of the eggs.  Yeah,  looked nice, tasted like bloody grass!  Was horrible.  Stew didn't eat his... lucky bugger.

After lunch we went and bought these:

ABOVE:  My 'plan' was always to buy shorts and t-shirts for kids without togs.  Nice and cheap from Postie Plus, that lot only cost $33!  Not bad at all.

We are home now, and I might just lie in the sun and have a swim for a while.  

ABOVE:  3.29 pm:  Lily is 6 weeks old in exactly 1 hour.

And she is doing so well.  Gaining weight, starting to coo and smile... growing new hair.  Hard to tell what colour it will end up, probably strawberry blonde.

ABOVE:  Steve and the boys were looking at Lily as she stirred.  So I grabbed me camera for a photo.  Yeah, got one semi nice one... then they went stupid on me. 

Now.... it's pool time again, with the boys.

The pool is decidedly cooler today.  Our nights are getting cooler, so that is affecting the pool's temperature.

It was still lovely, but I can feel how it's gunna start getting cooler and cooler soon.  *sniff*... which means swimming will stop in the next few weeks.  But then, I will be able to start walking again.  And while I hate walking, it's needed to keep my weight in check.

Right, I'm done for the day, I'm struggling to stay awake at only 9.55 pm!

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    The pool does look inviting. Why not singlet ot tshirt and shorts for spares that will fit most if they forget their togs.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    So glad the pool is getting a workout this summer. I remember your weather last year was dismal for swimming. Ky Girl

    1. Anonymous2:24 PM

      I was just thinking the same thing, what a difference a year makes.

  3. Good idea tog stash yes and also then everyone enjoys…

  4. Geee 6 weeks already, where did that time go 😘

  5. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Cute photo's of the family....Peta

  6. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Our neighborhood pool was unheated. They had a solar cover.

    Actually it was a series of covers, for each section. The solar covers were very effective. They took it all on and off manually. It sort of looked like a massive sheets of bubble wrap (used here for packing).

    It held the heat in during the night, the sun warmed the water as soon as it came up each morning.

    The water was never hot. It kept it from being cold early in the season and late in the season.


  7. The food looks yummy. Too bad it wasn't as good as it looks. Those are Micro-greens. Super nutritious. And trendy. We have grown some before but don't really know what to do with them all when they are all ready at once.


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