Saturday, October 22, 2022


 I am totally sleeping in today.  I am NOT going to get up and go straight into the sewing room... I.  AM.  NOT.

Instead, I'm gunna lie here and just relax until much later.

THEN I might get up and do a bit of housework, and watch Stew do some gardening.

He's gunna do some tree pruning today.  A couple of our trees on the back boundary throw a lot of shade on our back neighbour's yard.  Time to prune them so they get more sunshine.

Much later on I will go and do a big clean up in the sewing room, so it's nice and tidy before I start something new.  I think I will be making a couple of 'Hanging Cat' Runners next.

ABOVE:  Coco all snuggly on my lap (last night).

I wasn't grumpy, that's me 'resting bitch face'...  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…,  and I was really tired.

ABOVE:  The girls enjoying lap time.

10 am, jobs done.

I'm now starting a couple of 'Hanging Cat' Runners.

Just gob smacked at some people's fucking GALL.  PSYCHO BITCH ... stalker.  KARMA mate, it's gunna fucking get you one day.  That is all.

It's so hard to not let HATRED eat me up.  I just want to move on from all the shit.

ABOVE:  One almost done, and the 2nd already started.
Sewing and music.... just what I needed.
And a chip with dip.

Well I've now stopped for the day.  I'm kinda tired.  It's 5 pm and Stew is going to cook our dinner this evening.
We are having Sizzler Sausages, Chicken Schnitzel, mashed potatoes and baked beans.
Sounds bloody yum.

Dinner was very nice.  Stew did well.  He hardly ever cooks now, so it is nice when he does.

We are both just watching TV now, he's in the lounge watching sport and I'm watching Doc Martin soon.  I love that show, such a bloody shame this is the last Series.  Martin Clunes is over it apparently.

So, I'm signing off for the day.  It's been busy and productive.  Just how I like it.


  1. I am so sorry for this mysterious trouble you are facing. There is no reason for such meanness and I feel so bad that you have to endure it. Even if there are differences of opinion ... hatred, anger, and stalking are not suitable ways to deal with it. Stay strong.

  2. And there are laws about cyber bullying and cyber stalking even, whoever it is needs to grow up……

  3. Your tea sound good to me.

  4. Kiwionholidays7:40 PM

    That blanket you are snuggled in with a fur baby on board gives me the warm fuzzies ,
    Don’t be hard on yourself love, Think of all the good things you continue to do that gives families and friends happiness ,
    You have lots of Whanau there who love you,

    We love the shares on here you do, and a bleep or two lol in the food eating,, doesn’t make you or any of us any less people,

    Enjoy your evening there in the luverly Mighty Waikato
    Cheers πŸ₯‚


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