Saturday, October 15, 2022


 Today is the Tamahere Market, the first of two markets for us this month.

We have two in November and December too.  So 6 markets before Christmas.

I reckon I have enough stock in me stash to probably not have to make anything else.

But let's see how the markets go.  

I might be surprised and sell heaps?

The weather is supposed to be fine, but cloudy.  And not too cold, with a starting temperature of 7 deg C.  I'm still taking all me winter stuff, hat, scarf, gloves and a blanket!

I'm a sook!

I better get a move on and get me face on, warm clothes and head off to market.

I will post during the day to let you know how it's going.

Wish us luck and good sales.

...  10.21 am . A much quieter  market today. Some sales but still slow.

ABOVE: Stew bought a birthday present for me from this stall.

Will show you when we get home.

ABOVE: There's a  pony for the kids today. I've  not seen him here before... or is it a her? Lol

ABOVE: Obligatory shot of our stall. 

Home at 2.10 pm.
Market rundown:  Started well with some sales, then it utterly pettered out by late morning.
If you count the food we bought, the stall fee and my birthday present, we didn't make much money today!
But we still enjoyed it.  And packing up takes us no time at all, so we can pack and be home in about 40 minutes.

ABOVE: This is my birthday present from Stew.  It's funky, got rusty bits on it... perfect!  It fits in with most of our outdoor 'stuff'.  It has two birds on top made from wire netting too.
Of course, I'm now wondering what I can hang off that ruddy big nail!  😂😅😉
Gosh I rather love it.

OH!   I did not sell a Reindeer Runner today!!!  Maybe next market, which is Monday, the 24th October in Cambridge.

8 pm:   I made Stew and I Lamb Burgers for our dinner.  I picked some of our lettuce leaves to put in them.  The lettuce is STILL in the fridge. Whoops, totally forgot to add it to the burgers.  Lettuce salad tomorrow now.  😃

I'm knackered, so will be off to bed pretty soon.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck. Wish I could get down but hopefully I can for the next one.

  2. Good luck. I hope the market goes well and it is not too cold for you and Stew.

  3. Good luck hope you sell a bunch! and the weather is nice :)

  4. Your stall looks amazing 😁

  5. Your stall looks very professional.

  6. Looks good. Very colorful!

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Fingers crossed you have great weather and sales GM 💙💙

  8. Love your bday present very u, very surprised the runner didnt get gobbled up

  9. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hour birthday present is perfect but then Stew knows you so well. You'll find something for the hooks I know. Kj

  10. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Oh I absolutely love your birthday prezzie!! Reindeer runners are looking great and I imagine in October people will be in more of a xmas frame of mind so will get snapped up :)
    Tracy, Cornwall, UK

  11. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Could get a hanging solar light to hang from the big nail?

  12. Love your garden 'thingy' Chris 😍


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