Sunday, October 30, 2022


 I found myself feeling quite annoyed yesterday, because I literally had 1.5 glasses of wine and I was DONE.

It went straight to my head, and then all I felt like doing was going to sleep!


So, I'm going to try and drink MORE, to improve my tolerance for alcohol.

What do you think?  Should I or not?  Cos if NOT, it kinda means I can't drink at all, because of how I react to it.

ABOVE:  Stew saw these in a gift shop in Taupo.  I just had to get them!

I mean, both are kinda perfect for this house right?

ABOVE:  In another gift shop were two glass jars.  There were two sizes.  I wouldn't have even thought of getting one (thinking they would be mega expensive), but we looked at the price and... WOW!  Not that bad at all, so I got the bigger of the two.  

I will be putting Christmas Seed Lights inside it over the Christmas period.

It's recycled glass from Spain.  We also found a few other bits 'n' bobs ... for Christmas presents.

Now, back to today.  Sunday.  We don't have any plans, might be a laid back day just lazing at home.

But we will see.

Last night's dinner DID NOT agree with me at all.
I woke not long after I went to bed with TERRIBLE acid reflux.
So I spent the night in the lounge, on a lazy boy chair.  Upright.
I got very little sleep.
Therefore, I'm bone tired and the day has hardly started.

The wine situation.  Yeah, probably not a good idea to drink MORE just to improve my tolerance.  I just have to stay away from it really.  It's clearly not good for me.

ABOVE:  I went around the back to find a fan that I thought might be in the back shed.  It was.  While out there... I was thrilled to see the cuttings we brought over from Cambridge are finally flowering.  (the purple ones).  About time.
We lost quite a few over the past couple of summers, these ones survived as they are well shaded I think.

ABOVE: The hydrangea cuttings I snaffled last summer are growing well... even trying to have flowers!  I will nip the flowers off as I want the plants to grow bigger, not put all their goodness into flowers this early.

ABOVE:  And finally from the boring greenery, I just pulled our first full lettuce!  How gorgeous does it look?
We shall go out later on and buy some more baby plants.  It's rather nice to grow ya own, particularly when they are so, so expensive in the shops.

Stew just did his 'weekend' shop.  I asked him not to buy any more biscuits/cakes and the like.  The last lot are still sitting in the pantry!  Stew actually put three quarters of a loaf down the sink last night!  Such a waste.
I decided I'm just not going to eat that stuff, even though he thinks he's being nice getting it for me.

I think he likes me fat!  😂😃😅

ABOVE:  We made a spur of the moment decision to have lunch at the Workingmen's club.  That's the 'Workies' Burger !
We won't be needing dinner now.

After that we went to Mitre 10 for lettuce plants.  I spied an amazing Standard Blue Sapphire shrub... decided to get it.
Then we realised we wanted it in a pot, so looked around for a big pot.
Saw one that was reduced from $259 to.... just $59!
So Stew went to put one on the trolley, the trolley slipped backwards, and Stew dropped the pot!  
It smashed into smithereens with a huge CRASH!
A Mitre 10 employee came over and helped Stew put all the pieces in a pile, and assured us we didn't have to pay for it.

HINDSIGHT:  it only fell from a height of about 3 inches, so clearly not well made.

ABOVE:  That is pot #2, and the Standard Blue Sapphire and lettuce plants.
When we got the pot home we had a better look at the pot.
We can see why they are so heavily reduced, the pot looks like it has flaws in it's construction.
Better be very careful with pot #2 ... so it too doesn't just disintegrate.

After the pot fiasco we stopped in at Countdown for a few groceries.  I am adding Beef Steak into our diet, probably twice a week.

I am wondering if my extreme tiredness is due to Anaemia?  I had a massive bruise on my tummy last week, and NO IDEA how I got it.  So yeah, maybe a bit anaemic.
Let's eat steak!  lol

I'm no fan of steak or roast beef, but hey, anything is worth a try.

In case I hadn't mentioned it, I am literally ready for bed as soon as I get up in the morning!  It reminds me of post-Covid, when I didn't even have the energy to take a shower.
So... trying to work out why.

And YES, I'll go to the doctor if things don't improve.  

Dinner this evening was really good.
I prepared salad stuff so we could put together our own lettuce salad with all the usual bits n bobs.
And then I cooked steak.
I've not cooked steak in FOREVER.
I got the frying pan really hot with oil, garlic butter and salt then added the steak.
Cooked it for a few minutes each side and BOOM.
It turned out really GREAT.
Stew declared it 'MEDIUM', and said it was just fine.
I thought mine was ever so slightly medium/rare, but whatever.  It wasn't shabby.
We learnt that you really don't need too much to have a satisfying dinner.  Hence we have left over steak for tomorrow's lunches.

Now... Stew is watching a shoot 'em' up bang bang movie and I've been browsing Instagram.

I will be heading off to bed soon, confident I won't get acid reflux tonight as I've been very careful with what I have eaten tonight.  NO CARBS.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    One glass is plenty, don't try and drink more. We all have bad habits, but trying to add one to the mix is stupid.

  2. I finally worked out that since I reached menopause I can’t drink wine, even a mouthful gives me a red face and flush. I can have one or two Southern Comfort but haven’t tried more

  3. Personally I would only drink what I feel comfortable drinking - and not try to increase my tolerance. There are so many other yummy non-alcoholic drinks on the market these days that I don't think drinking alcoholic drinks are a big deal these days. I don't personally enjoy the taste of most alcoholic drinks, and those that I do - ciders and cocktails mainly, I just limit to one and enjoy them - without the effects of hangovers etc (plus I'm still sober enough to drive if I need to).

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Red wine has always made me irritable, given me a hangover headache and I didn't enjoy it even while I was drinking it. I agree with Paula that there are a lot of non-alcoholic drinks on the market these days. Might be a good idea to check your diabetic medication if you do decide to increase your alcohol tolerance - especially metaformin mixed with alcohol can lower your blood sugar. Why risk making yourself ill for something that you don't actually need in your life. Audrey

  5. Get sulphate free wine and wine may not be your tipple as it metabolises differently for everyone did you get those oven mitts from chefs compliments?

  6. No, Just No. You don't WANT a higher alcohol tolerance. And the troubles that come from alcohol are certainly best avoided!

  7. Rhonda12:44 PM

    Oh Chris, drink more alcohol to try to build a tolerance. You were joking right? I agree with other comments about the yummy non-alcoholic drinks available. Your garden is lovely

  8. I react to the booze... just try to have a lower alcohol alternative. I have a shandy or lower alcohol beer... some of the premixes nowadays are low or zero... yet you still feel like you're having a drink. Wine makes me go bright red and flushed and pissed. 😜

  9. OMG! That must have been quite the sight. A giant pot like that smashed itnto bits. Glad they didn't make you pay for it. Well _ I would have RAN!

  10. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Get a test for vitamin B12 defiency. I found out I’ve got it and I it explains the tiredness I’ve been having. I had weekly injections for a while now 3 monthly but think I could be having more. Goggle some of the symptoms and you’ll be surprised- just a thought Anne Palmy

  11. Ditto for the reflux. We are down in Invercargill with Stu's family and food was crap last night. Garlic bread and pizza and man was I unwell! I too had to sleep sitting up so today's dinner will be a lot more healthy for sure!

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM

    If people are somewhat dehydrated alcohol with affect you will have to have a blood test if you think you have anaemia. I can relate to the reflux, I have tried to be careful what I eat to close to bedtime...we ordered new beds today with adjustable bases, so we can be more comfortable with our own mattresses but still share the same top sheet and blankets...will be good for reflux...Peta

  13. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Chris go and have your bloods done for iron. Marie, Melbourne

  14. That is exactly the symptoms I get if I have a glass of wine, thats why I never touch the stuff. Cant stand it. You are probably allergic to it just like me. If I go out now I have a lemon, lime and bitters, quite a refreshing drink.

  15. Oh shit. A nite nite cat.
    Lack of iron can give you the same symptoms as too much iron. Unlikely in your case but check anyway.

  16. Another approach to the wine or whatever tipple you like is to eek it out. You could have a wine spritzer with lemonade or mineral water/soda water - the extra fluid will help you not get dehydrated and you will consume the same amount of alcohol over a longer time frame. One question, a serious question, are you thinking of wanting to drink more because you want to calm your brain/block stuff out/stop ruminating? Because if so, that is a sign you need another coping mechanism (talking as a recovering problem drinker). If you just want to stretch it out so you don't fall asleep in the middle of the party, eek it out, or alternate with diet coke, or something. Thinking about your motivations behind it is really important. If you want more one on one support, you are welcome to email me.


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