Monday, October 10, 2022


 I have five days until my next market.

So in that time I hope to get 3 more Reindeer Runners made.

The one I started yesterday is 60% done... but I'm not sure he's going to market.

Lacy and Bex reckon I should keep him for myself, because...

ABOVE:  He's got my fence.

I'm undecided.  I really don't need any more runners for myself!

Therefore, he probably will go to market, unless he's sold prior.  That's a possibility.

As it's Monday, I will do all my usual Monday jobs before heading into the sewing room.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Lorraine.  She hits the BIG 65 today.  Officially 'old'.... my turn next year.

Catch ya later.

12.45 pm:   What's up?  It's so freaking quiet on here I can hear an echo!  When I'm home alone all day Monday to Friday, I must admit it is nice to hear (via comments) from people!  
But clearly I'm boring the fuck out of everyone.

I'm sorry there's no drama to report... but here's the thing.

If I rant about the shit in my life, I get nasty, vile comments and months ago, even death threats!
So, that's why this blog is now 'toned down' heaps.

I am not going to give the trolls and haters ammunition.

If that means my blog is fucking boring, so be it.

There might be a slip up now and then, and I might put something a bit more personal on here... but not often, OK?

ABOVE:  This is what I've been doing all day.  And now... I'm busting for a piddle and also hungry.
Bet the piddle comes first, before lunch!  😂😋😊

*sigh*... the above runner, with OUR fence on it is SOLD.  Not even finished yet.  Lacy has snapped it up!!!

That means I still have 3 to make before Friday night!  😖😏😦  Might not happen, they are time consuming.

ABOVE:  I have weird dogs.  They LOVE frozen mixed veges, so as I'm about to have me lunch, I gave them a treat.

ABOVE: Bex and the boys visited after lunch for a little while, which fitted in nicely with my lunch break.
The boys had just bought themselves new soft toys... they just LOVE soft toys!
So does Marley, though I think those toys were just a bit big for her taste.

ABOVE:  Lacy's finished runner.
She wanted it bound in purple, funny that.
Easy to do seeing as I hadn't got to that stage when she asked.

ABOVE: This is the first runner I've put my 'MARK' on.  I might add it to others from now on.
Maybe some 'retrospectively' if I can too.

9.30 pm:  Dinner this evening was Pork Spare Ribs, Potatoes, mixed veges and cauliflower cheese.  Very yum.

After dinner I laid out the next Reindeer Runner, ready for stitching tomorrow.

Now it's relax and do nothing time.  Probably head off to bed around 11.  I'm tired.


  1. What a lovely idea to use your fence. If it doesn't sell you can keep it.

  2. Your dogs are just too cute Chris ... mine just likes scabbing the wet catfood :-) Michele PN

  3. I am visiting my grandsons, 4 years and one month old. Gosh it’s tiring lol but it’s so nice to have the one month home from hospital and improved health wise

  4. Emma Jean2:32 PM

    Hiya - I’m ashamed to admit I’m a longtime reader who’s never left a comment. I was so stoked to see you back public when I booted up our old laptop last week - I’ve been catching up on the last few months. I love your daily updates and the sewing pictures 😍

  5. Somehow I thought a fence was coming. I guess I thought one of the roofs looked like a fence. But this one is TOTALLY YOUR fence. I don't know what I have been up to today. I usually check in earlier than this. Your blog isn't boring. And if eliminating the drama keeps the trolls away - so be it. You don't need to invite chaos into your life.

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I love that multi-colored thread. Do you use it in your bobbin as well or just a single colored thread?
    That is cute your dogs like frozen veggies like that. Ky Girl

  7. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Oh Chris, sorry I haven't been leaving comments. We had the Quilt Symposium here last week and I think I overdid things. Has a nasty attack of vestibular migraine yesterday then fell down the steps and hit my head. Concussion now! Decide I need a ramp made to backdoor. It's the steps where I always fall. Anyway I love the reindeer and I want one so I better get choosing! You ate amazing.

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Ha ha the doggies eat more veggies than me!!! lol. Peta

  9. 😊
    #Lacy 💙💜

  10. Been a LONG day here still struggling with the long covid but had to get back out into the world again and take my card class i had no sleep so im shattered thankfully had some bacom egg pie in freezer so early tea and bed. If you get more runners before market I'm sure they will go off your stall quick smart

  11. Not boring. I'm just busy... most days i don't have time to comment on my phone but I'm here 💙

  12. I only have one person that comments on my blog most of the time now. I figure oh well it's like my little diary at this point. Love the runners!

  13. Sorry you had to deal with trolls. I just don't get people like that. If the don't like what you're posting they can simply not visit your space!


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