Friday, October 07, 2022


 DAMN IT'S COLD!  We have certainly had a cold snap.

It's tempting to just stay in bed for a LOT LONGER, that's for sure.

I might take the day off sewing, IF I can resist my next Reindeer!  He's on the work table...

ABOVE:  He's gunna be another cutie. Looks greepy without his eyeballs!

I'm taking grandkids out later this morning, probably go to some playground.  As long as it's not too cold.  Then McDonald's for lunch.

Lacy is full of a cold, so she will be staying home and sleeping.

So a nice day planned I suppose. 

WOW..  its so quiet at The Base!  The kids are having a blast at Jago Town. When they get hungry we are going to the foodcourt for Mc Donald's. I might have a kebab 'n' chips.

 2 pm:  And we are home from the Base.  The kids had a blast.
Blogger is being an arse and not allowing photos right now, bound to be a temporary glitch.
Therefore, no photos.

I did some work on Reindeer Runner #4 early this morning, shame I can't show you that either.

Shit happens.  

What ya doing?  Bloody quiet on here, I don't like it!

CHRISTY:  Use ya phone to upload photos to ya blog.  That is still working.

ABOVE:  Until next time our darling Miss Muppet.

ABOVE: After an hour and a half they were just sitting!  Tired little buggers.

ABOVE: So much love between these two... Mum and daughter.  Two peas in a pod. 
Sad Lacy has been unwell the past couple of days, but they still enjoyed being together.

OMG  soooo funny!  Sorry, Private Joke.

Yaaa.  Photos are back ... I don't have to use me phone to update now.

ABOVE:  How pretty is this door sign outside the Women's Bathroom in Te Awa, The Base.  (upstairs)

Well.... it's late afternoon, and all is quiet here again.  All kids have gone home, and it's just me and the girls.

I might just sew a bit before dinner.

6.25 pm:  We are having seafood bites and potato wedges for dinner tonight.  Then it will be a normal evening for us.  Just watching TV, maybe a movie on Netflix... then bed.


  1. That fabric is perfect for the Reindeer face. The brown with spots looks like whisker holes.

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    That is going to be too darn cute. I love his little neck scarf. Enjoy the kiddos! Ky Girl

  3. yes Blogger is being an arse. I just tried to update my "diet" blog.... can't allow pictures, so boring!!!

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hi it is cold and boring over here...and raining...Peta

  5. Rhonda3:35 PM

    Keera is going to tower over you shortly lol Nice you are enjoying being out and about for a while. Just in love with your reindeer runners

    1. I was thinking the same thing, kids are growing so fast! And thanks for the Reindeer compliment.

  6. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Keep warm have a relaxing weekend.

  7. It is damn cold here too, do not like it one bit, however, it will be getting worse before it starts getting better in...oh my God... four months!.
    Love those reindeer, keep them coming.

  8. Cute pics today! It's good to see the kiddos (that includes Lacy of course!) Woke up to a touch of snow - and so it begins!


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