Thursday, October 06, 2022


 Today will be my first time going to the Workingmen's Club on my own, and my first time playing 500 in over 20 years!

I looked up the Club Rules of the game, and there's a few things I'm not used to.  Like each game is timed.  It sounds like they are serious players, and go to tournaments too.  Hmmm.

Something tells me I won't be going to any of those for a long time, it will probably take me weeks to get up to speed with the game again.
But I'm sure it will be fun.

Must watch my mouth and not say bad words!!!

Cards in Cambridge can get a bit profane sometimes, mostly ME.  😉😟😣

I worked hard yesterday to get Christmas Runner #3 to the point where all it needs doing today is the backing fabric attached, and the border.
I hope to get that done this morning, before I go out.

Bex is calling in this morning to pick up the girls, they are going on a Play Date with her and the boys.  That's so nice, they won't be home alone while I'm out.

11.30 am:  I've finished Number 3 Reindeer Runner.  Bex has been and picked up the girls, they were ecstatic to be going out!
I'm now almost ready to go out myself.
Feeling NERVOUS!  Crazy twit, nothing to be nervous about eh?

Before I leave, I'm just plotting out Number 4 Reindeer Runner.  Bex gave me the next 'idea' for it... he's gunna be on a roof!  😂😊😏

ABOVE:  This is number 3 Reindeer Runner.  I wanted to stop calling them 'Christmas Runners', they needed their own name.
While they are all similar, I do try to make them individual.  Am I winning?

I'm now going out to cards.  Wish me luck/fun, a nice time.

4 pm.  Just home.  Cards was ...

Can't say FUN today

Lots of interesting characters there.
Some very STRONG characters there.

I got vibes immediately on who liked who, and who DIDN'T like who.
It was pretty obvious.  
In fact it wasn't hidden at all!
One lady told me that 'X' was a rotten, horrible man and to stay away from him!
And 'R' was just the most terrible player, and would call on NOTHING!

As I got to play in a partnership with 'R', I soon found that to be true!  She caused me to lose big time.

I was quite gobsmacked at some people's attitudes.

I had a nice toasted sandwich with a few chips on the side for lunch.

I should have taken my drink, cos after 10 games of 10 minute duration, I was parched. Lesson for next time.

The games were FAST.  They have their own set of 'rules', which back when I last played would have been called CHEATING.  But, seems you can play with a partner, and pretty much tell them what you have got over several 'calls'... which I found weird.

I am sure I will cotton on to the various nuances of the game eventually.

I LOST today, so got my $3 back!  If you won or came 2nd, 3rd or 4th you got to choose a pack of meat.  I'd like to win eventually just for that!

My head is pounding now... so I'm off to have a Panadol and just wind down.  I'm kinda stressed out.

OH and before I forget... I think I was easily the youngest there.  Most players were late 60's to 80+.

8.55 pm:  Dinner was Chinese takeaways, so yum.  Still got me headache, so won't be up late tonight.


  1. Oh goodness! I hope there is a "beginners" or "laid back" group for you to join. I would be scared to play the hard core tournament type folks !

  2. Have a fun time, it will be nice to meet some new people and hopefully there are some more "social" games and not just the competitive ones.

  3. that is so cute. have lots of fun at cards.

  4. I can't wait to hear how the cards went. I am sure you will be a raging success!

  5. Hope you are enjoying the cards and meeting new people. Very cute reindeers you are doing.

  6. Hope u r having a lovly afternoon at cards and the nerves are gone can understand that. Love number 3 runner too just as well im not closer id be wanting them all lol

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Chris - the reindeer runners will be flying off the shelf at the markets...too stinking cute!! Ky Girl

  8. Well, cards sounds umm - interesting. I guess once you have been a couple more times you will know if it is "you" or not. Some of them sound a bit awful lol.

  9. Very nice coverage of the card games. I hope you end up liking it eventually as you get familiar with it.

  10. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hi another group you might like to join just for socialising and fun is the Redhatters.....they have groups all over the world...I went this morning to a morning tea and enjoyed myself, lots of chatter and laughter.... dressed in purple clothes and a red hat...and lots of bling!! they have morning and afternoon teas, lunches and dinner outings....and other outings as well... ages range from 50 upwards ...Peta

  11. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I love your reindeer runners Chris. The rei deer is really cute.

  12. Anonymous2:20 AM

    I tried a card group much like you described a couple years ago and found the same things - no socialization, fast paced, snappish partners, stressful. A few of them men would have me in tears with their comments on my playing and speed. Not fun.

    I had belonged to women’s card groups (like the one you have to drive to) for years and loved them.

    I wonder if you can start your own women’s group in your neighborhood. If Bex comes you would only need to find two more women to play most any games.


  13. Well I'm not sure if that sounds fun or not but I bet you'll find someone you like there after a bit.


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