Thursday, October 27, 2022


Going through all the runners yesterday was a damn good idea.

It has shown me where the 'gaps' are.

We have 24 days until our next market.  I am going to try and make 8 runners and 10 bowl cosy's in that time.

The runners will be 3 Wonky House runners and 5 very simple Paua Shell Runners.

I have an order for a Paua Shell Runner, so that will be the first one I make today.

Then I will work on the bowl cosy's, as they sell quite fast.

Later on today I will be packing a bag, because Stew and I are going to Taupo and Rotorua on Friday and Saturday.  More about that tomorrow.

VIKIE:  I tried adding a YouTube link for you here, but it didn't work.  Gimme a minute:

That is the pattern I use.  Always use Cotton Batting and thread.  I don't know how Cotton Canvas would work.  Try it and see.

I have not felt well all day.  Upset tummy.
Thank you for enquiring Christy, nice to know you care.

I got into the sewing room late this afternoon and managed to make these:

ABOVE:  they are both approx. 90 cm X 30 cm.
One is pre-sold, she just has to choose which one she wants.  The other will go to market.  I am going to make a few more like this, with the Kiwi on them.  
Very simple, but hey!  Some people like simple.

Well the one without the Kiwi was chosen, so I get to take the other one to market in November.
I'm already working on the next two, but have stopped for now.
Dinner for Stew was crackers, cheese and gherkins.
I still don't feel like much ... maybe later.

We need to pack our bags before bedtime too.  Just waiting until I feel like moving again.  Right now I just want to sit and blob out.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Chris, I am making bowl cosy’s for extended family for xmas.

    I wondered if you had a favorite pattern? Any tips? Most patterns seem to offer three sizes. What size do you suggest?

    I assume you use cotton batting. I have extra from the ends of quilts to use up.

    I also happen to have a lot of cotton canvas, I was wondering how that would work.


  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Chris please have some rest stress is making you ill, karma to those causing it. Take care

    1. Anonymous11:24 PM

      It’s me Magpie, from Melbourne.Australia.

  3. The colours i those kiwi runners are gorgeous.

  4. Hope u feeling ok now

  5. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I hope you are feeling better and able to take your trip. Have a good day. Ky Girl

  6. Hopefully you are feeling better. Safe travels.


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