Wednesday, October 05, 2022


 It's gunna be a good day, cos Bex is coming over to do my vacuuming. My house hasn't had a decent vacuum in at least a month!  (maybe two)

Yeah.  I just can't do it, it kills my lower back.

So Bex is doing it for me, gotta love her.  She's a godsend sometimes.

The Christmas Runner I started yesterday is 75% done...

ABOVE:  He's another super cutie eh?

I just have to attach the backing fabric then do the binding.  Should have it done by mid-morning.

Then I will do another one!  Yep.  Just another day sewing.

Oh and guess what?  My friend Sandra C is now torn ... she loves this one even more than the first one.  So now we have a deal, I'll get 3-4 done then she can choose which one she wants.  lol

There is nothing like choice.  

WW last night, lost a kilo.  I saw a number on the scales that is the lowest I've been in over 3.5 years, so yep, very happy with that.  I have a goal... a number that I want to be at by my birthday on the 21st.  I reckon I will get there!

NOT that it's about numbers really... SAID NO ONE EVER.  I've said that a million times, but it's bullshit.  It is about the number right?

Have you ever 'met' someone who is so contradictory?  lol  I flip flop like a stranded fish I know!

11.39 am:  And the vacuuming is done, such a good job done.  Thanks Bex. 💚💙💜

ABOVE:  Number 2 is finished.  On to the next one.
After lunch.

Oh, did I mention Cards on Thursday at the Workingmen's Club?  That's primarily why we joined, so I could go to cards!  And socialise.
I talked to a lady at the club today about me attending tomorrow, and it's all set.
I'm going to meet the card people who will be there for lunch, and have lunch with them before we play cards.  They play 500, and I know how to play that, even though it's probably 20+ years since I last played it.  Bit like riding a bike, not something you forget.
I'm really looking forward to it.

8.30 pm:  I finally came in from the sewing room at 8 pm.  A long day in there today, I was determined to get to a certain point with the 3rd runner, and I did.

I'm now cuddled up with me blankie watching the telly.  It's become damn COLD again.  Nasty arse weather.
NOT that I'm looking forward to summer, not at all.

I'm off ... catch ya tomorrow.  Thanks to those who still read my drivel, I know it's pretty boring lately.  Just lots of sewing.


  1. congratulations on weight loss. keep going little by little. I'm in same boat and feels so good when number drops. Mentally and physically better for us. runners are gorgeous..

  2. Well done on losing weight! I love the little decorations on that new runner. I too hate vacuuming as I get older and it seems a real chore now. Thankfully with no little kids running around I don't need to do it often.

  3. Love the runners. A bit different. I have a large Dyson stick and it is the best thing for my back. But then, I don't have a Bex.
    Well done for putting yourself out there. I hope you have a ball with the card people.

  4. So pleased u joined cards. Bex do u wanna fly to Ashburton once a month lol actually I've got house inspection next Thursday so gotta vacuum next Wednesday

  5. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hi weight loss sounds great!! of course it is about the numbers are not the runners..No 2 is really butler (husband) or son have to do the vacuuming...then I mop as that is easier on my back...good on you Bex...lovely daughter in law.....Peta

  6. Cards? I need retraining every single time I play. I can't remember how to play. That sounds fun though, enjoy.

  7. Rhonda8:39 PM

    Just love the new Christmas runners. Reindeers look so cheeky and naughty!

  8. Well done on the weight loss. Keep up the good work. Another cute runner.

  9. Can't wait to hear about the "new" card group. Sounds like fun!


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