Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 Yesterday afternoon Steve 'n' Bex got a knock on their door...

ABOVE:  And this box was there.  I am really impressed that they were given such a lot of groceries and medical supplies for free!

He's now waiting to hear from his doctor about when his anti viral medication is ready.  It will be delivered to their home as well.

ABOVE:  Talking of free stuff... these are all the RAT tests and face masks I was given a couple of days ago!  I can't believe people are still paying through the nose for them at chemists.

Bloody Covid! I keep forgetting I have to stay home.  I am not sick.

But ... at least I have plenty to keep me busy.  I've got a dozen more Bowl Cosy's ready for stitching... I anticipate getting about 6 done today.

ABOVE:  How gorgeous is Auckland Zoo's brand new baby giraffe?  So precious.

It's about time we visited the zoo again!  Well... just as soon as we are all well again.

11.10 am:  I think this is what ya call a production line:

ABOVE:  I'm having fun!  lol

ABOVE:  Our yummy fritters from last night.  I think there's a couple left, might dish them up for lunch, along with some sausage rolls.

It's a glorious mid winter day out there, sunshine and .... no roses.  😂😏

3 pm:  And I'm starting to see double.  Time to stop for a break.

ABOVE:  I've exceeded my goal of 6 today.  So rather happy with myself.
I'll do some more... tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was Chicken Teriyaki/Hoisin over rice dish.  It was just so-so.

Now... looking forward to a quiet evening.
Stew and Brylee are feeling a little better today.
No coughing going on though, which is good.

Steve and Bex:  Both of them are much the same, no improvement yet.

And that's us for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Aw! Baby Giraffe! It is lovely that other countries want to help their citizens and keep them healthy.

  2. That parcel for Steve and family is wonderful. I hope they all get well soon. Love the baby giraffe, I have never seen one and not even sure if I have seen an adult one. Healing wishes for Stew and Brylee and stay well wishes for you. Hugs.

  3. I am so glad that Steve and Bex are getting support. I can understand your frustration having to isolate.

  4. The baby giraffe is adorable. It will be fun to watch it grow up. your bowl cozies are great. You have a great collection.

  5. Do I see BROWN? Nice.

  6. Great supplies for Steve and family.

  7. Rhonda7:33 PM

    Just love all of the bowl cosies. I especially like the size of them. I have one that was given to me and although I use it regularly it’s just a bit too small. I think I’ll need a trip to NZ for the sole purpose of shopping your gorgeous wares. Hope everyone is on the mend from the dreaded covid!

  8. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Lovely pictures....hope everyone is starting to feel better...Peta

  9. Nice care package. Hope everyone is on the mend very soon.


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