Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 Remember me going off my rocker about power bills?

Well over the past few months I have been monitoring our usage.   Cutting down where ever I could.

The new meter is accurate from what I can tell.

Yesterday we got our latest power bill.  It as an 'Actual' read of the meter, so accurate.

And I sat and worked out that this:

Our electricity/gas consumption = $143.97 PER MONTH.

Our Charges = $86.46  PER MONTH.

Tell me... is that a good deal?

Cos it sure looks like fucking daylight robbery to me!

Do you know of a better deal?

 We had an amazing sunset last night:

ABOVE:  A very foreboding sky! At least we are bound to have a lovely day after that.

ABOVE:  And here is dining chair cover #2.

I think I will be doing them all the same, just using different fabrics for the wavy stripes.

I'm going to get a few groceries some time today.  I've got card night this evening, so need something to take for supper.  Bex is coming with me too.

Right, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.

4 Panadols later.... and the shocker of a headache I woke with is finally easing!
I had my fan on all night and sometimes I believe it's what gives me a headache?  Cold air blasting on ya face all night... possibly the problem.

I'm putting off getting the groceries till after lunch, for now I'm in me sewing room about to start on #3 chair pad cover.

12.53 pm: And # 3 is done and on the chair.  And I'm not going to make another one today as my  headache is still annoying me so I'm going to try and have a nap and sleep it off.
That does work sometimes.

ABOVE:  The more I do the more I LOVE them.

I cooked up two pork roasts today, three dinners are now in the freezer.

Card night in Cambridge tonight, lots of laughs.
Home now and off to bed soon.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. They do the same here in Canada. I pay more in charges than actual usage for one of my accounts but it is a must have. Drives me nuts as I am careful like you.

  2. Are you using less than 8000 units per year? If so you need to be on a low user rate which is less "charge" per month. We are on this rate with Contact and always have a two year lower rate contract with them (no increase in that two years). With regard to gas, the daily charge is horrific but simply can't be changed, they are all the same.

  3. Have you had a look at the Powerswitch site? It is independent, and based on your usage and location information it will tell you what your best option is.

  4. Kiwionholidays11:19 AM

    Just had a quick compare on power,
    We have 3 monthly accounts and ours average around 500$
    With a discount if paid in 14 days of about 60$ and that has included reduction for seniors,
    Our home is smaller thatn yours and we don’t have a heater in winter fortunately it’s much milder here than when we lived in new Zealand

    Not sure what summer one will be but if it’s a hot one ,,we will use air con in lounge at night,,
    We live very close to the sea so have the advantage of sea breezes which makes life pretty comfortable.

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Husband does the power stuff and makes sure we get a good deal. The supply charge is a killer. You seat covers are too pretty to have bums on them. Hope the headache clears. x

  6. Ours is around $200 all up for power & gas (hot water only). Usually it is a bit less but I have noticed it creeping up lately.

  7. Oh - the table and chairs are looking great

  8. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Hi yes you are doing a great job!! Peta

  9. Kiwionholidays8:12 PM

    Just love the colours of cushion covers and table runner
    Looks amazing, Your attention to detail in terms of artwork s in sewing is just a treasure

    Well done you
    Hope the families are all going good ,,,,,,as ours are atm✅💯🐶🕺🏿
    Cheers 🥂


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