Saturday, August 27, 2022


 YES!  It's our last day of isolation.  I hope none of us get bloody Covid again.

I expect Brylee will head back to her flat tomorrow, so we will be back to our 'normal' tomorrow.

Great.  I was about to run outta loo paper!  Brylee is a roll a day girl!  I kid you not.  Sorry Bry... sharing secrets there.  😂😅😉

Stew is talking about getting out into the garden today, to see how long he can go before falling in a heap!  Stupid man.  He should just stay inside and rest and relax and not overdo it.

Last thing I want is for him to get sick from fatigue, or Long Covid.

I am hoping I can convince him to just let the bloody weeds grow for now, they ain't going anywhere.

Now I told you I finished my new runner last night eh?  Want to see it?

OF COURSE YOU DO (I hope) ! ....

ABOVE:  I made it long enough to fit the table perfectly with one extension in the table.  With two it will still look good I'm sure.  The runner is 1.8 metres long.

ABOVE:  It is the largest runner I've made in a long time, and I absolutely LOVE IT. 

So does Stew, and other family who's seen it.
It took me a good deal of umm'ing and ahh'ing before I decided to bind it (edge it) in green instead of blue!

I'm so glad I did now... it's just beautiful.
And doesn't my big glass bottle match it perfectly!

Of course, now I'm looking at the seat cushions and thinking... dammit,  they don't match.
*sigh*... I suppose I will end up having to make matching covers for the cushions now. 😖😒😏

But NOT with the stripes.  That would take far too long.  Maybe just plain blue? 

ABOVE:  Brylee was a darling and brushed my hair last night, and gave me a head massage.
That was blissful.  I'm going to wash my hair today and Brylee is going to either curl it or straighten it, either way that will be lovely too.

ABOVE:  She put my hair in a much lower bun than I usually do, and took a photo to show me how all the little short bits of hair were in it.
It was neat to see my neck tattoo again!
I never see it.... obviously.
I got that tattoo when we lived in Palmerston North, and I still love it.

Did YOU know I had a tattoo there?  

Now, what am I doing today?  Well I have all these left over, smaller strips of fabric from making the big one above.  So I'm going to make a few smaller runners using them up.   I'm really looking forward to that.

You'd think I was over sewing by now eh?  I've been sewing almost every day for about 6 weeks now, and I still don't want to stop.  Weird. 

I just counted up what I have made in the past 6 weeks:

1 Box Pouch, 26 Runners, 33 Triangular Zippered Pouches and 24 Bowl Cosys !  
Wow I've been busy and productive. And HAPPY.

Right.... catch ya later.

1.45 pm:  The day is going well.
All the sicko's are doing great, feeling better day by day.
Stew has not gone out into the garden.  Wise man.

Now to address some confusion out there.  I am making the 'wavy' fabric myself.

ABOVE:  These are the fabrics I'm using...

ABOVE:  I cut them into 2 and a half inch strips, then give them all a wavy edge.

ABOVE:  And then I lay one on top of the other and stitch them together.  It's very time consuming!
But very worth it because it looks gorgeous.  And each runner is totally individual.

9.35 pm:  And it's been another good day in me sewing room.  I got a smaller 'Kiwiana' Runner finished.  We had pea 'n' ham soup for dinner.
Watching the telly now... off to bed in a couple of hours.
NEARLY out of isolation!


  1. That runner is lovely 😊

  2. Your runner is gorgeous.

  3. I did NOT know you had a tattooo. I was a bit surprised. What does it symbolize?
    The runner looks great. But... you are soooo right. Those cushions need a makeover of some sort. They are much to gingam and pastel for you. I mean for the runner! My MIL reads this blog and she asked me what the bowl cosy's are used for. So... some people may not know. Who'da thunk?

  4. What a lovely runner and so different. Yes go the whole hog and spruce up the chairs as well.

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Hi... love the I haven't noticed your tattoo before....good you are all getting better and allowed out again....Peta

  6. Runner looks so good!! Seat covers maybe in blue and green somehow? 💙

  7. Yeay 1 more day in isolation lol 😆

  8. I love the runner and the green edging is perfect.

  9. Anonymous12:56 PM

    The runner is perfect - especially the green border to match the glass vase perfect!! and I especially like how its wider and longer. I thought originally you cut out the individual strips of wavy material - lol - that would have been monumental if you did. Hallelujah for end of isolation - it must have been a royal pain for sure. Maria (Australia)

    1. Ahhh, I DID cut each strip out and make it wavy!

  10. You excelled yourself Chris, that runner is fantastic, love it 😍

  11. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Stunning!!! Ky Girl

  12. You are very clever Chris that runner is absolutely beautiful, I just love it.

  13. Your new dining table runner looks great there! Also, your hair looks lovely in the lower bun. Good to hear that everyone's health is improving now and isolation is almost over.

  14. Anonymous7:07 PM

    The runner is absolutely stunning, could imagine a version with wooden dowels on either end as a beautiful wall hanging. The way you've done all those individual wavy strips is just brilliant !!
    Hope everyone is fully ok again soon. does just feel like it goes on for ever when you're stuck inside :(
    Tracy, Cornwall, UK

  15. Chris. may I ask what you little tattoo is,and does it have a meaning.

    1. No real meaning, it started life as a doodle while I was on the phone! I just loved it and decided to use it as my first tattoo.

  16. Anonymous10:24 AM

    OMG - I thought at first you cut it all out individually and I was so impressed, stunned and amazed but also not sure??? if that was possible??? - then I thought man that would take a long time - she must not have done it - no the material must just come like that!!! (obviously not a sewer here - can ya tell). Far out - you did do each INDIVIDUALLY - holy batman - but it looks awesome and I see you have enough stash to do more!!! Maria (Australia)


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