Friday, August 26, 2022


I wonder how much longer it's going to take until Covid does not rule the world?

When is it going to be 'just' another bug we have to accept and take vaccines for?
I'm so over it.
Bring on Sunday when we are free again.

AS you can tell, I'm feeling a bit crabby.  Life is very predictable right now.  All I seem to do is sew/eat/sleep REPEAT.

AND... that's what I will be doing today.
I suggest you bugger off and find something else to do cos NOTHING is happening here.  😞😕😖

Once everyone is awake and so on, I'll do a report on how the sicko's are feeling.
Fingers crossed they are on the improve, I'm over sicko's too.

Empathy is sadly lacking today.  And I've just realised it's Friday!  OMG that's bloody awesome.
Only two days to go.

10.30 am:  Stew and I stayed in bed till 10 this morning!  It was blissful.

Report on the sicko's:

Stew is certainly moving a bit easier, and his sinuses are drying up.  He is still testing a strong POSITIVE.

Brylee is 100% better and her test line is so faint you can barely see it, so almost NEGATIVE.

Steve and Bex are now testing NEGATIVE, but still feel like shit.

I feel 100% well, as does Griffin and the little boys.

ABOVE:  It's growing!  I think it's now long enough for our dining room table, with an extension or two.
3.5 hours sewing today (so far), and I'm about to add the borders.
I am hoping to actually get this one finished today.

6 pm:  And I just finished my runner.  Now I have to turn around and cook dinner for us.
Nacho mince with noodles I think.
Then I am going to friggin well relax.  That runner was a real bitch to do... my biggest project in a while. 

9 pm:  And I've had a lovely evening... doing NOTHING.  And soon I'm heading off to bed to do nothing for several hours.  lol


  1. Hoping all gets well for you soon.

  2. Praying all will be well soon for you.

  3. Just popping in to see the morning report. It is surprisingly hard to stay home for 7 days. I would be going stir crazy too. Especially if I wasn't sick.

  4. I remember the count down to freedom when you were quarantining. At least you are in the comfort of your own home but I know the frustration. As soon as I can't leave the house I think of all things I NEED to leave the house for. Hopefully the sickos will feel better soon.

  5. The runner looks gorgeous.

  6. Swap with ya Chris...this move of mum and dad is taking its toll so close to tears...siting on hold to winz for them at mo 29 minutes and counting at least themusic on the super phone number is easier to listen too

  7. Good (Covid) News!

  8. Kiwionholidays4:33 PM

    Thinking of you all there atm and please remember it will pass and by Sunday you will be free again ✅
    The runner’s looking fabulous, so lots of wee bits n bobs added up to something great,

    Take care and enjoy your evening,,

    Go the ABs on Saturday late ⏰🏉
    Cheers 🥂

  9. Yhat looks so so good 👍

  10. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Hopefully you will get the same rules as Aus soon. Here now if someone in your family tests positive you can still go out and about if you test negative on a RAT. Griffin and the boys might be lucky. We have had it in our house twice (different people each time) but our 8 year old has never caught it and we didn’t isolate from each other at all.

  11. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Omg - the runner is going to be stunning. Once you show us the finished runner I hope I can look at it without too much jealousy flowing through my head!! Haha

    Glad to hear your peeps are coming along, I would worry about Rebound covid as I am hearing that is a thing with this latest strain. Good luck!! Ky Girl

  12. Good news that the sicko's are showing signs of improvement. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  13. The runner is gorgeous! I bet the boys had covid when they were sick and it just didn't show up on the test, they say that happens sometimes with this variant. We are getting less and less restrictions here now.


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