Friday, August 19, 2022


 When we moved here in December 2019, I had this grand plan.

It was to walk every street in my 'area'.  

We all know what happened shortly after that.

COVID/Lockdowns.  Australian trip.  Grief.  Court case.  Stress stress stress. 

And I never did get to start that grand plan.

Yesterday I decided to kick start it again.  So I spent about 2 hours printing out maps of this area, so I can cross off all the streets I walk, as I go.

ABOVE:  The boundaries of my intended walking area are: Kay Road, River Road,  Wairere Drive,  Gordonton Road and The Hamilton Expressway.  

So it's almost ALL of what you can see on that map.

Even if it takes me YEARS to accomplish, I'm gunna do it.

It is going to be my very own 'Urban Challenge'.

I do not have a goal to do a set distance per day, just what feels doable on the day.  And I won't even do it every day.  No pressure.

Today I am going to drive to a new starting point, and walk some streets I've not already done.

It's raining too... but I don't mind walking in the rain, nor does Marley.  

Once I've had me walk,  I will come home and sort out my next sewing project.  I've decided there is no need to make more Christmas Runners.

So hmmm... what next?

10.15 am:  And another walk done and dusted.

Marley is loving them.  Today we walked in an area way over by River Road, very nice area.  A bit of rain, but nothing to worry about.

Now... home and about to take a warming shower, then do some work.

As the weather is shitty, we are not sure about attending the market tomorrow.  I'm going to semi pack up everything, just in case it looks like it might fine up a bit.
We will make the call late tonight.

DOGSTARS:  I don't 'do' LinkedIn.  

I have packed up everything, ready to put in the car... IF we decide to go.
It's still wet and horrible out there, so who knows what it will be like tomorrow?

This afternoon I also made sure everything had a price on it... and ran out of price tags.

ABOVE:  Not a problem.  I just made some more with me Cuttlebug.  It's such a handy little machine.

It will be time to sort dinner out soon.  We are having Pea 'n' Bacon soup.  Just pulled it out of the freezer.  

Stew loved his soup!  Nice for a change that's for sure.
We have made the decision not to do the market tomorrow.  We just don't want to end up with everything getting wet.
And how many people are going to go to market in the pouring rain?  
Not that many for sure.

Time to wind up for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Great Challenge for you and Marley. Did Marley seem happier after her walk yesterday?

  2. What about some colour themed runners but with big hst, simple and elegant ? Bowl cosies ?

  3. Great idea you never know who you might strike up a friendship along the way 💙💙

  4. Good on you Chris. I’m looking forward to getting out walking again too.

  5. I am sooo excited that Little MArley gets to go on adventures! I bet she loves them. I am sure she feels special!

  6. I love walking - in my head. In practice? Nah.

  7. Anonymous1:19 PM

    What a cool idea for the walks :-)

  8. Anonymous1:39 PM

    The adventures of Chris and Marley! I see some vlogs ahead. Have fun!

  9. I just joined LinkedIn and your contact info showed up and suggested that I "connect" with you. I was surprised to see your name. No worries!

    1. I must have joined it years ago! I don't use it.

  10. We are also going to have poopy weather tomorrow. My son is signed up for a craft show. He hasn't paid yet. So he might ditch!

  11. Hope the weather holds out and the market goes ahead.

  12. Love the idea of walking the area! I hate when it rains but even worse here is the wind.


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