Saturday, August 06, 2022


 I have been collecting glass bottles/jars/vases for about a year and a half now.

I've amassed quite a few in that time, and I love them all.

Yesterday Bex and Dante visited an Op shop and saw one, and Bex thought she better buy it for me.

Dante told her I already had one just like it at home, but she still got it ... 'Just in case I didn't'.

ABOVE:  I kinda did.  
On the LEFT is the one we bought in Palmerston North for quite a considerable price, and on the RIGHT is the one Bex and Dante bought for the grand sum of $3! 
As you can see, they are similar, but not exactly the same. I love them both. They are just so cute and funky.

It's Saturday, much to Stew's relief.  He is so busy at work he really hangs out for the weekends.
We have absolutely no plans for today.  And I'd like it to stay that way, because if it's fine tomorrow, we have a market to attend.

And that will be tiring.
So... a lazy day is planned for today.

TV. SNACKS. MOVIES. BLANKIES. Am I missing anything?  MAYBE A TIPPLE!  😂😋😏

What are YOU doing this weekend?  Anything exciting?

1 pm:  We've been out shopping for stuff.
I wanted a new pillow and some things for market.
Stew needed a haircut.
All done.

ABOVE:  I'm hoping the new pillow is good.  I was gobsmacked to find pillows ranged in price from $250 down to about $25!  I went for something well under $100.
Clips and chain for my market, which is looking very unlikely to happen if you believe the weather forecast.

After shopping Stew wanted to check out an eatery he's been told about, called 'The Lookout' in Pukete.
So we went there for lunch.

ABOVE:  Everywhere ya go... water.  Totally wasted on us.

ABOVE:  I was freezing in the bar/restaurant, so Stew got a blanket out of the car.
I didn't give a shit sitting there with a blanket over my legs!
The fire place was on, but not putting out any heat at all.

ABOVE: Cute menus.  Little computers, you clicked on what you wanted and it went straight to the kitchen.  

ABOVE:  Stew had an open Lamb sandwich, and I had a Pork Belly burger.  We both felt like both meals were only just OK.  5/10.  My pork was very dry and over done.  So was Stew's lamb.
Their chips were lovely though. 

We are finally home, and now just relaxing in the family room, blankie/heat pod... telly on.

I did a little sewing this afternoon.

Then bugger all after that!
We  had left overs for dinner.
Now, just watching TV before bed.

Fingers crossed the new pillow is comfy.  I'll be finding out soon.


  1. Been in twizel for week helping my parents pack to move to Ashburton on 18th big job they have lived here 27 yrs. Head home tomorrow for a break before driving the truck doown on the 17th ugh. Might hybinate for a few days. 15 years yesterday since the bloggers get together ie my grand daughter 15th birthday yesterday.

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Yes! I am doing something this weekend. Going sailing on a “tall ship” at the tall ships festival. Like a Viking ship kind of deal!

  3. Paige starting her first part time job tonight so she's prepping... can't believe she's that old 🤣 and I'm going to the gym 😬. My first workout.

  4. Gym this morning then housework, meal planning & shopping. Tomorrow night dinner at a friends place.

  5. Anonymous11:17 AM

    That Viking Ship comment was me. I commented from y phone and it made me anonymous. Dogstars!

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Am I still anonymous? I tried to fix it.

  7. Lazy weekend planned here after I do the washing. A new book to read 😊

  8. That must have been a very expensive cork!
    Your weekend sounds perfect.

  9. The food LOOKS really tasty. Bummer that it wasn't so good.

    I just finished watching quite the amazing movie on Netflix. Unbelievable~ even though we all know what happens. Highly Highly Highly recommend. It is about the Thai Soccer Boys that got stuck in a flooded cave. Holy Moly!

    We are having quite the phenomenal storms tonight. And my son is in the middle of a 4 day craft show right next to Lake Superior. I am fairly certain his entire booth may be in the Lake tomorrow. Or blown across the parking lot. Massive wind. 70 mph. Which is 112 kpr (is that a thing?)

    Now I need to find something to zone out to before bed. A little less worrisome than "13 Lives".

  10. A very quiet day here .... highlight of my day was having some foot pampering by my podiatrist - she's such a treasure - and does home visits for me which makes my life a lot easier. Looks like we're in for a quiet night too - husband is sound asleep in his chair already.

  11. Isn't it amazing how much pillows can cost? I wonder if the $200 one is actually better. I'm never paying that much to find out haha


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