Thursday, August 04, 2022


 I'm taking a break from sewing today.  I'm feeling very tired and jaded.

So... might just stay in bed till some ungodly hour of the morning.

ABOVE:  After dinner last night,  Steve self administered his next lot of medication.

He did really well, didn't even flinch.  Gosh I hope this new stuff works for him.

ABOVE: Saw it on Facebook and just laughed!  

ABOVE: I got tagged with this one.  It's so bloody true... something I'd certainly say over summer to me plants.

And well... that's me for now.

I do have to pop out at some point for a couple of things for the market... but till then, I'm going to stay here in bed where it's nice and warm.

12.20 pm:  And well.... I hate 'relaxing' and doing nothing.  Particularly when I'm at home and I could be doing stuff.

ABOVE:  So yeah, I did some 'stuff'.  I thought it would be boring doing trees again after doing more colourful, busy runners.  But I'm actually enjoying it!  It's easy and probably just what I needed.
Thanks Steve for the suggestion.

I'm now taking a little break for lunch.

6.25 pm: Well I thoroughly enjoyed today.  I got a lovely big runner FINISHED!  I'll show you tomorrow.  I reckon I will do another one or two of them ... it was very nice to do something simple for a change.

Our dinner of curried sausages and rice is delicious.  Stew loves curried sausages by the look of it!  lol

Right, I'm buggering off now.  I have to do Wordle and Quordle before I do anything else.

Which will be watching the telly before bed.


  1. I'm taking the day off to relax 😁

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I love how your blues in the sky and water. Good luck at the market. Ky Girl

  3. Those trees look very peaceful and relaxing. Just what you needed.

  4. RuthW in MD12:46 PM

    I love those trees!! Pretty fabric triangles and different edging stitches. I liked the fat-bottomed ladies too. Good Luck!

  5. Love the edging stitches. I love all your work, wish I lived in New Zealand.

  6. I must confess. Not much makes me laugh. It is rather sad. However - the water/wine thing made me laugh. That's a good one!
    Ironically, I had another laugh tonight! (twice in one night). I will try to figure out how to forward it to you. Perhaps through Facebook. I was spending time with an Orchestral Musician friend and he sent me the link. Have you ever misinterpreted the lyrics to a song? Well..... that.

  7. I think your tree runners will. be popular at market for xmas. I still. bring mine out every xmas and love it

  8. Day off for me, catching up on washing after 3 days of continuous rain….fine today but more rain due tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your tree runner

  9. Hope you had a refreshing and restful night.


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