Thursday, August 25, 2022


 Well it looks like Brylee managed to infect everyone in her flat with Covid!

They are all down with it now.  So she could go back home if she wanted to, but is going to stay here until the weekend.

I am rather surprised I have not caught it off Stew or Brylee to be honest.  Maybe having Covid back in March has given me enough immunity to avoid catching it again.

ABOVE:  This is the strip of fabric I found in my stash yesterday and fell in love with.

I had planned on chopping it into 4 to use in a couple of other runners.  But I just could not bear to chop it up.

So... let's see what I do with it today eh?

ABOVE: Last night's dinner.  Beef burgers and wedges.  So nice.  Brylee took one look at the burger and said "Where's the stick holding the burger together?"

So I grabbed a kebab stick.  BOOM. Done.

I'm taking today off cooking dinner. We are having takeaways or crackers and cheese!  I'm feeling so damn tired ... sitting on ya bum sewing all day is TIRING.

I'm only doing heaps of sewing cos I don't have much else to do.  

You can only do so much housework before you are totally over it.  

And don't suggest gardening, I hate dirt! 

In shock!  TUPPERWARE is pulling out of New Zealand, after over 50 years.  I love Tupperware, and even sold it for a time about 30 years ago.

Apparently it's due to Covid lockdowns halting home sale parties, then falling sales.   Such a shame, an iconic product gone from our shores.  

Right, I might just get moving... and work on MY new runner.

11.45 am:  Well Stew and I stayed in bed until 9.45 today!
Stew was still snoring his head off in fact.
I got up and sadly woke him too, so our day has started.
I'm in the sewing room.
My feet were twitching all morning wanting to get back in here!  😂😅😊

ABOVE:  I put borders on that gorgeous fabric, then stopped.
Because I dreamed about doing this:

ABOVE:  Having a go at making my own multi-striped strips.  So far so good.
Though not quite like the one I found in me stash... what do you think of mine?  It's not finished of course, but I hope it's going to look at least half as good.

I'm about to do the ring around and see how everyone is today...

Stew:  Still snotty, headache and extreme fatigue.
Brylee:  95% recovered.
Steve:  Status quo... no improvement, no worsening.
Bex:  Status quo.... no improvement, no worsening.

Griffin, Dante, Archer and I:  all OK!

3.30 pm: I have been sewing ALL DAY.... except for a brief break to make lunch for us.

Lacy called in to get money and instructions for a quick trip to Spotlight for me.  I was about to run out of the thread I was using on me runner.  Thankfully she got me more, so I could keep working on it.

ABOVE: This is my stripes now.  I love how it's turning out, and have decided to keep this runner and put the other one into me market stash!  lol

Fickle?  Much.

9.44 pm:  Steve, Bex and the boys came here for dinner.  We all had Chinese (Uber delivery), it was so nice to not cook tonight.
I fell asleep in me chair, Stew just woke me so I'd not miss Coronation Street.
As soon as it's over I'm off to bed. 


  1. Love the fabric. It would look nice as a runner without cutting it. Dinner looks great. You could take Marley for a walk to break up your day - that's allowed even if you are in isolation. 😊

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I love my tupperware bought years ago. Yes it was expensive but the quality is so much better than others. The sistema ones I find are just not airtight as much and the leftover crackers go soft - or is it just me.?
    Sorry to hear about the covid in your house. You probably are immune thankfully. I hope Steve gets through it okay. Summer is coming and hopefully Covid is going away with the warmer weather.
    I like that blue material - mind you blue is my favourite colour - Ill be interested to see what you do with it!!!!
    Cheers from KarenAK

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Hey Chris, great you haven’t been re-infected, I know a few who have. Myself, I don’t miss Tupperware, I have some that is over 40 years old and still going beautifully, however the later stuff is awful, heaps of cracked lids, making it useless. Blah blah blah about the guarantee, I’ve yet to find a dealer who will replace lids or reply to emails or calls. So I changed to another NZ product, Decor. Excellent product and so much cheaper.

  4. I can remember coming to a tupperware party at your place back in the day, They were good times. Have a good day Chris.Weather looks like it might be improving down our way anyway.

  5. Wonder how Tupperware will honour lifetime guarantee but yes i was shocked when i read that. Love the green fabric. Anthony and Sarah have been visiting mum for last few days and mum and I got to spend the day with Sarah yesterday mum 85th birthday best gift ever.

  6. Oh my you must be rich. I see lettuce in that burger.

  7. So sorry about all the covid. I had it Jan and Feb...was so sick. My son and DIL just finally got over it from July~ argh~ Not Tupperware! Maybe you can still order it over the internet?? I sold Avon 2 different times. Now they sell it anywhere on line. The quilt is your eye color!

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I love Tupperware too, but it’s so expensive. Not surprised it’s pulling out.

  9. Haven't heard of anyone having a Tupperware home party here for about 25 years. Now we see it being sold in kiosks in the malls. We have indoor permanent farmers markets here that are open 4 or 5 days a week year round and they are usually in there as well. Think I bought my first Tupperware in the early 70's. Still going strong except for the lids. Have tried a couple of times to get the lids replaced, with no luck. I thing the lifetime guarantee needs an * beside it!! I love the wavy fabric and your version too!

  10. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I like your stripes better than the fabric Chris, way more funky :-) Michele PN

  11. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Your new runner is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it once completed. Glad everyone is holding their own. Good luck to everyone. Ky Girl

  12. Love your stripes. Very clever.

  13. I TOTALLY thought that fabric was pieced together stripes of different fabrics. And if it is not.... It SHOULD be!
    If it is printed to look like multiple fabrics... Meh.
    If you make it out of actual different fabrics... Then YES! Love it .
    And it's more than just what it looks like from afar. If I was there in person and could SEE the actual sewing or stitching between the pieces - that is imperative! It is the difference between a quilt and a piece of fabric printed to LOOK like a quilt. Not the same at all.
    I love the simple idea of just putting fun fabrics together in a simple pattern. Maybe do that "defining" outlining stitch you do on the houses. Or maybe not. Simple.
    It's not even that simple. You could make these in a plethora of colors and patterns.
    Bummer about infecting the whole Brylee household. But really, it is bound to happen. Who knows where it actually started. I hope Bex and Steve start feeling better soon. It has been a while. You are incredibly lucky to be Covid free. I am impressed!

  14. Catching up on all the Harvey household news sorry to hear everyone’s crook bar a few fingers crossed you all bounce back quickly.
    Love the stripe homemade version very cool.
    Tupperware where would we be without it every house in NZ must surely have an original piece.

  15. Love that runner, it is so you 😊


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