Tuesday, August 02, 2022


 Last night I finally got the runner I'd been working on all day finished.

And I utterly LOVE IT!

ABOVE: There WAS going to be a Fat Bottomed Bloke, but he just didn't look right.  So he became a she.  

Today I shall start work on the 2nd in this series.  There's 4 altogether.

Later on I will be making some marshmallow and fruit kebabs for Card Night.

Last time they went down really well... so I shall just repeat that.  I will have to pop out and get more marshmallows... we like, ATE them all. 😂😋😉

And that's me for now.  It's going to be a lovely day.

Gosh! I forgot to update on Steve last night.
His procedure didn't get done for hours once he was at the hospital. 
He went in at 1 pm but didn't get it done till after 4 pm.
At least it WAS done.  Some people have had to wait over a year for a colonoscopy.  Steve 'only' had to wait about 5 months.

All looked at expected.  Pancolitis, AND a distinct possibility of Crohns Disease too.  As he's now on new medication specifically for Crohns Disease, he may see a reduction in his symptoms in the next couple of months.    I sure hope so!

He can get mighty miserable when he's having a flare up.  This latest flare up has lasted a long time already.

ABOVE:  Well I finally did it.  I started wearing two pairs of socks to keep me feet warm.  And it works! Stew does it often, but I never did till a couple of weeks ago.
Highly recommend.

ABOVE:  I thought about doing this overnight, and first thing this morning I chopped the next large runner in half.
Each will only have two girls on it.  I'm trying to give people options, not everyone has a really big coffee table or dining table eh?

1 pm:  Time for a break.  It's taken me all morning to get 4 ladies cut out and ready for stitching.

ABOVE:  And looking at it now... I really don't like that orange towel.  It's gotta go!

1.55 pm:  I go out to the supermarket. Get my shit.  Come home.  Unpack.  Go to check my phone.
NO PHONE in my handbag!
I'm like ... OK I must have left it either in the car or the sewing room.
So I go hunting for it.  Can't find it anywhere.
OMG where is it?
I get Bex to phone me, hoping it's somewhere in the house, and not long lost at the supermarket, though I don't remember using it in the supermarket.  If fact, I know I didn't.
I hear it ringing... oh thank god.
Guess where it was?

On the bonnet of my car.  And it had been there all the while I was driving to the shop, and all the way back without falling off or being stolen in the carpark!   I also drove over 4 speed humps and that bloody phone stayed on the hood of me car!

Kudos to my phone.  She's a keeper!  
That feeling of utter dread though, when you can't find your phone and think it's gone forever.

I need to eat something.  Lunch ... and all that.

Just made the fruit/marshmallow kebabs:

ABOVE:  And before you ask:
Marshmallows, Dried Apricot, Grapes, pineapple pieces, mandarin segments, Kiwifruit, and all topped off with a Chocolate Marshmallow Fish.
They are just lovely. And fun.  

Next time I think I will be doing a club sandwich, in me Tupperware Jel Ring.


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I hope Steve feels better soon, it is an awful condition, take care Steve.

  2. Love the runner. Glad Steve's procedure went well, maybe they can figure out something that will help him in the future.

  3. Oh Good! Somebody DID remember to get Steve! My nephew has Crohn's. I think he can manage it by watching his diet like a hawk. He can not participate in the family fish fries. His dad (my brother in law) has a cabin right on the edge of Canada and they catch and fry Walleye. Very nice perk of having them as relatives! The Crohn's nephew just has to have his broiled. I am waiting for a fat bottomed dogs runner!

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Waiting for the results of the biopsy from my latest colonoscopy two weeks ago - fingers crossed!! I didn't realise how lucky I was until you said Steve had to wait five months for his - it was only three weeks from the time my GP asked for it at Rotorua Hospital. I went in at 11.45 and out again at 3.30 - what time did Steve eventually get out of the hospital if he had the procedure at 4.00pm? I had to wait about a hour and a half to make sure I had no side effects from the sedative and fentanyl but they did give me a very nice ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of tea - they even gave my husband a cup of tea as well. Hope they can find medications that keep Steve's flare ups at bay - he is so young to be going through all this. Audrey

  5. That fabric works great as water! I need a new show to binge. Anyone?

  6. Glad to hear that Steve’s op went well
    My daughter had a sudden admission to hospital last night. Hopefully it’s only one night. Her bp was 180 but they got it done to 160/90, not good when she is 31 weeks pregnant. Worst she has been is 240/120 but she wasn’t pregnant then

  7. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Love the runner, how the towel matches the hat.

  8. Wow, five months wait for a colonoscopy when you have a known condition. That's crazy, our hospital system is screwed. I phone up for mine (privately) and get in the next week. Socks? Hehe, what are those. I never wear socks and don't even own any other than walking socks. I do wear slippers though when inside.

    1. So you do have socks, even if 'only for walking in'. Weird, I reckon everyone walks in socks, what else would ya do with them? I wear slippers and it's not enough. I really feel the cold. Obviously.

    2. Haha, I meant I only have short sport socks for wearing with walking sneakers. Other than that I don't own any socks for boots or other shoes. When I lived in Wellington it was a different story of course!!

  9. Get Bex to make you some socks. Nothing warmer than hand knitted or crocheted socks. Must be the love in them.

  10. NO WAY! What in the world? How did the phone hang on? That is crazy talk! Whoa. You are fortunate!

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Hubby lost his phone the other week while he was out drying his work clothes at the laundromat. Retraced his movements and he found it on the road outside our bank in the CBD. Bloody lucky no one stole it or ran over it! Sharlene

    1. WOW, that is bloody amazing! And lucky.

  12. Oh I wish I lived in NZ and could have one of those runners. The postage to the UK is horrendous. Brilliant work Chris.

    1. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Postage everywhere for packets and parcels is horrendous not just the UK. Helen in France.

  13. The runner is super cute. Glad you didn't lose your phone. Hope all goes well for Steve.

  14. ooh ooh. Take progress pics of the sandwich. I don't quite remember how you do that!

  15. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Gorgeous Chris. The kebabs look delicious. I've heard pt have requested them for morning tea in Akld next week cause of my diabetes! And the.boss is making low sugar slice. Spoilt ah!

  16. I love love the bikini runner x
    On the run home just at Rarotonga departure lounge.

    1. Safe flight. And yeah, I thought you would love that one.


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