Monday, August 08, 2022


 I was looking at my new Robinia Lace Lady tree just a couple of days ago... to see if there were any spring buds.


They yesterday afternoon, while out the front with the guys discussing our next project, I looked again.

ABOVE:  And YES!  We have a bud or two happening.  Spring is coming.  I'm kinda over winter now.  We've had so much rain this winter, it's getting a bit old now.

I thought we had done everything we needed/wanted to do around here.  But no.

Of course I found something else I want done.

A front gate, or two.

Yep, by the time summer arrives we will have front gates.  Then I can keep the front door, sewing room door, and garage doors open in summer, getting much needed ventilation.  AND the dogs can still be confined to our property and safe.

It's gunna be awesome.  This house was like a sauna last summer.  I'm hoping that having the ability to have all those external doors open will help keep it a bit cooler inside.

Oh and NOT having black, hot, sticky asphalt on our driveway will make a huge difference too!

Now... back to today.

I've got to do a small grocery grab.

Then I shall finish the 2nd Flower Runner.

So, that's me day kinda planned out.

Catch ya later.

1.30 pm:  Finally able to update ... it's been a busy morning.
I got a few household jobs done, then went to the supermarket for 'just a few things'.
Yeah right.
A large trolley full later, and I was home and unpacking everything.
It took me 2 hours to go there, get the groceries and get it  home and put away.
All I really NEEDED was friggin potatoes.  
At least now I suppose I won't need to buy any more for quite some time.

I have now had lunch, and am about to head into the sewing room to finish off the 2nd Flower Runner.

6 pm:  Meh.  I could have finished that damn runner today, but I dicked around and got caught up watching BLACKLIST on Netflix.
So, all I have to do to finish it is put the binding on, that will get done first thing tomorrow.

Stew is enjoying his dinner... Pork Rissoles, a Chicken and Bacon Cordon Bleu, Potato Hash Browns and a lettuce salad.  
I had my 'main' meal at lunchtime, so am not eating dinner.  Might have a snack later on.

But for now, that's me day pretty much done and dusted.  It's been very quiet on here today, so not much 'human interaction' today.

But never mind.  I don't mind my own company, and I did have a lovely conversation with the Check Out Manager at the supermarket this morning! That will suffice.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Woohoo for Spring...she is always sorely missed! Can't wait to see the new gate(s). Ky Girl

  2. happy Monday!!! weather certainly milder here now --- sorry you got all our horrible rain. I have a weeping plum and some kind of pink blossom tree (a friend helped me pick them) and they both have buds.... I'm the worst gardener, although I do try lolololol. One job of mine today is to prune the roses --- what's left of them. Sigh.

  3. OMG! I completely forgot about the driveway fiasco! Wow.

  4. Nemmaline8:29 PM

    Ohhh exciting. Can’t wait to see what you decide with the front gates. Will you design them and have a Chris flair to them?

  5. Busy shift at work today…wet and miserable. C’mon spring.

  6. We went on the Tall Ship sailing adventure yesterday. ! It was really cool! The waves were giant on Lake Superior, but the boat went over them smoothly. It was a cool experience!

  7. Enjoy your Spring weather. We are nearing the end of Summer this side had a heatwave with temps and humidity in the mid 30's. Looking forward to some cooler weather. Looks as though you had a good weekend. To bad the weather cancelled your market plans. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Have a good week.


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