Monday, August 29, 2022


 First up for today... get the washing done, water me plants, clean bathrooms etc.

Then I can get into my sewing room and fix the chair pad pattern... just make it a bit bigger.

All going well I will be ready to start sewing again in a couple of hours.

In the meantime, I will show you the one chair pad cover I made yesterday:

ABOVE:  I haven't made up my mind on how I will do all 6 covers.  All the same?  Or different?  

I suppose time will tell eh? 😂😉😊

Gimme some ideas/opinion?

11 am:  And I have spent the last 3 hours in the house fluffing around doing jobs!

Got two loads of washing done.
Then decided to move one of the shelves of succulents outside!

ABOVE:  Because it was blocking that window and I was constantly struggling to get it open!
Now I can get the window open, and...

ABOVE:  I have a lovely colourful shelf of plants outside.  I hope they don't mind the move!  I think we will have to make a frost cover for them for overnights.

Now, what else have I done this morning?

ABOVE:  I cooked up a huge beef and tomato stew in the crock pot (still cooking), and a huge quantity of Mince and Bacon for Spaghetti Bolognese, Cottage Pie etc.

ABOVE:  By the end of the day I will have another 10 meals to put in the freezer.
I'm doing well today!

And I am finally in the sewing room, about to start making those chair pad covers.
I'm still not sure if they will all be the same.  Or different.

2.45 pm:  And I've been doing the boring bits.
Cutting out a new pattern.  Joining strips of green fabric together, to add onto the blue chair pad 'fronts' I'd already cut out, to make them bigger.

ABOVE:  Now I have ONE ready to add wavy strips to.

ABOVE:  Talking of strips... I just spent 90 minutes cutting out bloody strips!
It's the boring side of things you don't see.

9.13 pm:  I crashed mid afternoon, so came into the house and just sat and relaxed.

Then I got dinner for us, beef stew and veges.
I have 5 Beef Stews ready to go into the freezer later this evening.

Tomorrow I'm going to cook two big Pork Roasts and freeze them too.

And that's me done for the day.  Looking forward to bedtime.


  1. That looks great! Do them all the same style - but different.

  2. Anonymous7:51 AM

    All slightly different

  3. Same sorry to be different lol

  4. You have been busy. I'm still in my PJs.

  5. Same striped pattern
    I’m loving the succulent shelf but they won’t like the cold…

  6. Strips!!! Definitely strips 👍

  7. Love the strips too. Your blog reminded me to go to the freezer to get ground beef for chili. Thanks.


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