Saturday, August 13, 2022


 We are heading off today.

And it's a frosty, cold morning, so we will be taking extra care on the roads, due to the possibility of black ice on the roads.

I really dislike travelling on frosty mornings.

But, at least we won't be going anywhere near snow!  That shit is far too cold for me.

I did get a 4th Christmas Gnome Runner finished yesterday, but the lighting was not good for a photo, so you will have to wait for it.

ABOVE:  This is #5, ready for stitching when I get home.

I have one more to do after that one, then I'll be happy with the number of Gnome Runners I have heading into the summer markets.

My next lot are going to be Hearts... bright and colourful Hearts.  

I just love colour!  I don't think I will ever do dull and boring, or 'traditional' types of patterns ever again.

I know I can do all those intricate blocks, I just don't want to.

Just waiting for the house sitter to turn up, then Stew and I can leave, knowing the dogs are being looked after, and the house is occupied.


KINLOCH for the weekend.

ABOVE: Lunch time view. Stunning. COLD as f#*k.

We went for a walk around my relatives area. And a long haired dashund tried to eat me. Well ok... it ran out and barked and growled at me and I nearly died of fright!  Luckily the owner came out and took it insidestill shaken though.
I really get scared when strange dogs have a go at me.

Now sitting in the lounge eating home made ginger nuts biscuits! AND I'm gunna have a cuppa tea, JUST to dunk me biscuits  in! 🤣😅🤣

ABOVE: Sundown colours.
Looking forward to a lovely evening... catch you tomorrow. 


  1. have a wonderful minibars together.

    1. typed mini break not mini bars. enjoy

  2. That's a great runner. You can use any mix of colors and it's darling.

  3. Have a great weekend. We went away last weekend for the first time in about 5 years and it was soo needed

  4. Um, I take it the dog sitter has arrived and you are off!

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your weekend ....Peta

  6. Ohhhh it’s my backyard area lol
    Cold yeah boi finished 1am started 8.30am!!!

  7. Lovely photos, have a lovely time away 😁

  8. What a beautiful colourful garden, lovely sundown colours


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