Friday, August 05, 2022


 Yesterday's effort:

ABOVE:  A basic Tree Runner... it was so good to do something easy for a change.

I do believe I will be making another one today... maybe smaller though.  

Steve got the preliminary results after his colonoscopy on Monday.

Yes.  He has Pancolitis AND Crohns Disease.  So, now he has to wait and see if the new medication helps.  If not, there is a chance he can get into a Clinical Trial using a different medication.

Either way, it sucks.

Another thing that sucks.  I used to LOVE the Kumera Posh Poppas.

I went to have some yesterday and OMG.... didn't like them anymore!  WEIRD.  But it is what it is.

I won't be buying them again, which is probably just as well, as they have jumped up in price quite shockingly.  Just like so many things across the board.  Prices just keep on rising.

Some good news.  My thumb has finally stopped hurting ... must have been a pin jab into the joint that caused all the pain I reckon.

Right, I'm off to sew, bla bla bla.

In the past 18 days I have made....


I am pretty damn proud of myself.

Today I am starting a new 'line'.  It's a project you have seen before, but I was going to do something different with it.  Bex suggested I do Runners with them instead.  I will show you once I've got one finished.

OH and it was Bex who suggested I do Trees too, not Steve.  Derr.  

ABOVE:  2nd day in a row we  have a shitty fog.  It's just so NASTY.  Cold, damp, seeps into your bones NASTY.

MIA.  Been sewing all day, except for a little break at midday when Bex called in with Dante.
They had been out and about and had found something for me.
So, I will show you that tomorrow.

Bex also went out and bought me some lunch, which was lovely of her.

But enough about that.  I know you all want to see my next project, another Runner of course...

ABOVE:  I'm sure a few of you will recognise the blocks.  I was going to make a quilt out of them, but I simply can't see me ever getting around to it, so now I shall make 5 runners instead.

What do you think of my Flower Runner?
It's a lovely size for the middle of a dining table, or large coffee table.

I'm done for the day now, I hope I don't change my mind later!  I'm tired.  My eyes hurt from concentrating on sewing for so long.
Off to put me feet up for while.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Sending good wishes to Steve that the new meds work out for him. I like the xmas tree will be xmas time before we know it. Ky Girl

  2. Oh - So Sorry to hear of these issues. I am not very familiar with either of them. I hope they don't affect him to tremendously and he can get meds that keep it all under control.
    I like the tree runner. And it does not feel simple at all.

    1. Sadly both conditions can and do affect his life considerably.

  3. Poor Steve, at least he now has a diagnosis and hopefully he can get it as under control as possible to minimise the effects on his day to day life 💕

  4. All the runners look great, but the trees at the top of today's post are my fave!

  5. That's such bad news for Steve. I hope the treatment helps. Fog here too, right down to our driveway level which is extremely rare. The runners look great - I love the fat bottom ones and the wonky houses.

  6. I do like the tree runners. They might look nice in Autumn colours too.

    1. I have done them in Autumn colours before.

  7. Poor Steve. I hope he feels better soon. Long term, if he does end up needing the dreaded "surgery", I have heard that after the initial shock people who have the procedure say it's the best thing ever, it gave them their lift back. I pray Steve does not get ill enough for that, and the new medication works a treat. Hugs, Steve!

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    17 Runners - you are a machine Chris - that is quite a stash and they look awesome. I hope Steve is able to take part in the trial, it must be so upsetting getting that news - he needs and deserves a break- hoping some good comes from new medication. We have been having fog here too in OZ. Maria (Australia)

  9. Rhonda11:53 AM

    Wow you’ve been very productive and the runners are gorgeous. Poor Steve, sorry to hear about his diagnosis. Definitely life affecting for him but he seems to have a wonderful attitude and I’m sure this will help him as well as medical science advances.

  10. Hopefully a diagnosis will mean better management for Steve. The runners are great. Can't wait to see the latest project.

  11. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Hi love the runners...its good that Steve is getting more medical attention for his conditions...he looks so well in the pictures...lovely guy...Peta

  12. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I forgot to mention that Steve is lucky to have such a gorgeous, clever and supportive Bex... Peta

  13. Hope your next market day is a great success after all the hours you have put in to all that sewing. Hope Steve gets sorted soon, say hi to him for me.

  14. It looks great that runner and if you do change your mind it's easy enough for you to make more blocks for the quilt lol. 😅😬

  15. When I saw those on facebook, i mean that.... I thought it was two squares instead of 1 long runner. Now, I can't unsee it. I was drawn to them right away. SO, i guess what I am saying is, MAKE a couple of squares. They would be darling and half the work.

  16. You are a sewing fiend, I cannot believe how much you have done recently.

  17. Anonymous1:24 AM

    LOVE the new flower runner! Ky Girl

  18. Well done on all the runners. Hope the weather warms up for you. Have a nice weekend.

  19. These are beautiful runners and such a lot of work. You must sew in your sleep Chris.


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