Thursday, June 30, 2022


 Yesterday afternoon, once I'd stopped feeling so  crabby, I went into my sewing room and did this:

ABOVE:  A set of 4 Cow Coasters.  I put them on my Facebook page (RUNNERS & MORE).

And, very surprisingly, I actually sold them, plus two more, to make it a set of 6!!  AND... another set of 4!

I am so surprised, I never expected to sell a single thing on that Facebook page.

Thanks KJ and Karen D.

The other thing I started, but haven't finished yet:

ABOVE:  A small coffee table runner.  I was thrilled to find in me stash the perfect fabric for the inner detail on the mugs.  That one on the right looks just like coffee with cream on the top!

I will finish this one today, and the Cow Coasters.

I've been feeling really down the past few days, no idea why.  Getting into me sewing room helped yesterday, let's see if it helps again today shall we?

HALF WAY through another year!

Much to my disgust, I got up early.

It's so damn cold, I'd much rather stay in bed to be  honest.  But, you don't get shit done unless you are actually OUT of bed eh?

ABOVE:  Good sign I'm busy.  And being productive.  

I plan on leaving all that on the floor, and giving a 'job' to a grandkid or 3.  They like earning pocket money.

ABOVE:  I finished this little runner this morning.  I'm not that thrilled with it.  It's just OK.

ABOVE:  The sewing room assistants.  Not helping much are ya girls!  Marley likes to EAT little scraps of fabric, so I have to keep an eye on  her.  Little bugger.

It's now 12.10 pm, time to stop and have me lunch.

Well... I mucked around with that coffee cup runner this afternoon.
Put a border on it.  Took it off cos it wasn't straight.  Put it back on.
Photo.  DONE.

5.45 pm:  Got Stew's dinner sorted.
Sitting down fuming.
Just NOT NOT NOT happy.  Crabby as fuck.

Feeling stir crazy.  Home alone too much.  Not much happening on here either.
Should have stayed PRIVATE for all the good it's done me opening it up again.
Just over today already.


  1. Love the coasters! Wish I was as crafty as you are !!!

  2. I think feeling down is rather normal. It is rather hard to be chipper ALL the time. For you it is winter. Here it is cold, cloudy, rainy and I love all that! But the MOSQUITOES! Holy Moly. I can't go outside for 2 seconds without being swarmed by 100's of mosquitoes. Vicious slap resistant little mofo's too! Plus - the state of the world. It is much angrier, divided, and crooked than ever before. At least in my part of the world. So.... go in your studio. Hide out and find your peace. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  3. Oooh the girls are cuties. Yay look at me... able to actually leave a comment!!

  4. Hope your helpers turn up soon because I can’t imagine you leaving those scraps on the floor too long
    Anyone should be feeling down with this weather, dark until 7.30 am then dark again at 5.30 pm

  5. love the mug runner. Might just need a border to jazz it up a bit, that's all.

  6. Love the idea of leaving the cleanup for the grandies to earn their pocket money.

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Just randomly tried the link to your blog and what a lovely surprise to see it again :)
    Hope you have a better rest of your day - dark, dreary and cold winter days never help my mood if I'm already in 'that' frame of mind. Luckily it's summer here at the moment so lots of daylight hours, plus I'm off work until Monday so that's a bonus :D
    Tracy, Cornwall, UK

  8. Getting your creative on means you are in your happy place. If you are going a bit stir crazy you could hold a morning tea for the FBG ladies just to break up the day. It will be nicer when the weather is not so cold too.

  9. Love the runner with the border on. Congrats on selling the cow coasters. Think you assistants may need a pay cut unless they improve their sewing room performance 😍

  10. I shared your coffee mug runner on facebook somebody might c it and have to have it. Hope your evening has been less cranky.

  11. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Love the coffee cup runner!!! You are so creative!!! Coffee Slut

  12. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Been reading your blog again, sorry I haven’t let you know, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to sign with Google again. I’ll keep trying. Congratulations on the sale! Your girls look happy to be in the sewing room too! Caroline

  13. Rhonda9:08 PM

    The coffee runner is great. Maybe you have the winter blues 😢. Great idea cheering yourself up sewing. I think it’s very normal to feel down at times. You have so much to be grateful for - your lovely family, your loving husband, a house you love, health, getting away on tiki tours etc etc etc chin up 💕💕

  14. Use those grandchildren while they're still young and enjoy a bit of action 😂. I used to pay mine to pick up snails in the garden even. A competition to see who found the most. They used to do all sorts of stuff for me, for a small price. Win, win!! Now they're older i can't get hold of them anymore damn it!!
    Hope your spirits get a boost sometime soon.

  15. I love the coffee cup runner - the border was the perfect finishing touch to it as well I think!

  16. Your sewing projects look wonderful. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  17. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Chris - I love the coffee runner, it is cute. I hope this finds you in a better mood today. I know that somedays it is tough making it through with all of the external crap we have to deal with. Hang in there. You are loved and remember it is all about you and Stew now. Ky Girl

  18. I am currently feeling the same as reason.....and we are just starting Summer. I quite agree, been shut up for so long, need to get out and about a bit more. Hubby is, should say, was paranoid to go without a mask, until we had a little chat about it. This week we have been out in two venues with a lot of people and two restaurants, oh my goodness it felt so good.
    Chin up, hope you feel better soon.

  19. I am so sorry that you are having a crabby day. It must really suck having to worry about some nasty people trying to F with you all the time. Or spy, or stir up whatever unpleasantness....I can tell that you are good people. If you need to shut the blog down again - just do it. Take care of YOU first.

  20. Love your new sewing projects. Marley and Cocoa are so cute. I bet they are a lot of company for you.

  21. I just wanted to say a big thank you for putting the blog back up, I so enjoy reading it. Hope your mood improves soon.

  22. a sewing day is a good day :)


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