Saturday, June 11, 2022


8.05 am. We finally got a sleep in. 

This motel room is I've had a million hot flushes over night.

I should have put the fan on. Grrrr.

Today we an on taking a tiki tour around the area. Looking in the shops etc. 

Just a cruisy day.

We might catch up with Robyn and her hubby for dinner. She bought one if our first puppies years ago and has kept in touch. 

She used to leave comments as 'George's Mum', then just as 'Robyn'.


2.15 pm. We have been out and about since 8.45 am. 

We did dome fabric shopping in Taradale. Checked out the views on the top of Bluff Hill.

Drove to the end of the road towards Cape Kidnappers. Then into Hastings. 

Everything was closed there!

Back into Napier... resting up in our motel now.

I've got a damn headache, so hopefully the panadol kicks in soon.

I'm going to do a big photo dump once we are home tomorrow night.

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