Monday, June 06, 2022


 lol... I almost forgot to do a post thing morning!

I was about to go out the door and remembered.

So here it is.

For all 6 of you!

I'm going out to look for a long plastic container that will hold my longer runners, without having to fold them.

Might be an impossible mission, but I have to try.

If I can't find anything, I will make a bag with a ply bottom myself.

Stew has gone into work to get some pressing stuff done before he goes on holiday.

Holiday.  I've started the 'prep' for that.

I wrote my list.

I do it every single time we go away, I always have.

It goes like this:





Diet Coke.

Phones and chargers.

Pillows and blankie.


And then I add anything else if it's important.

This trip away I'm taking some snacks and the like, so we are not tempted to eat out morning/noon and night!

Right, I'm off to look for that plastic box.

Stew reminded me at lunchtime that it's our wedding anniversary, 35 years.

He always delights in reminding me, as if he always remembers!  He forgot till lunchtime !

Anyway, I was out all morning looking for a damn box.

Found one at The Warehouse.   Almost the perfect size.  Got it home, lifted it out of the car and the side split open!  Like Fuck!

So I took it back.

Might end up asking Steve to build me one out of thin ply.  

ABOVE:  I found some little pots for succulents.  I'm going to try selling succulents at markets as a side line to my runners etc.

ABOVE:  I wasted a lot of time looking for saucers for those little pots to no avail.  But I did find this cute recycled glass bottle.  Only $3.  SCORE.

I also bought some more succulents (to propogate) from Mitre 10.  They are still sitting in the car!  Better get them out.

And lunch.  It's 1.35 pm and I've still not eaten anything today.  Best do that too.

Stew and I just went out and bought some potting mix and saucers for the little pots from Bunnings.  All ready to pot them up tomorrow.

We have a dinner reservation for 7 pm this evening at The Foundation at The Base.  I wanted to go to Lone Star, but they wouldn't answer their damn phone.  Grrrr.

Never mind, we will still have a nice dinner.

8.35 pm:  we had an OK dinner at The Foundation, at The Base.  It was only OK... and we have decided not to go there again.  It was a very middling meal.

Home now, and watching the Bee Gees doco.  Love them, so I'm enjoying it.

Catch ya tomorrow.

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