Tuesday, June 07, 2022


 Today's job is to pot up all my little market pots.

I was thrilled to bits to find some plastic saucers that fit the pots I bought yesterday from The Warehouse.

The pots with saucers added up to a grand total of $2.50 each.  And the little tin buckets cost me $2.50 each, so same/same.

If they don't sell... well I will have lots of lovely succulents in pretty pots.  😊

ABOVE:  All ready to go.  Watch this space.

The only other thing to do today is get what we need for our trip away ready.

And tonight, go to Cambridge for Card night.  BEX... be here by around 6.15 ok.  

12.20 pm:  Well Bex and I have been busy today.  We went out and bought more plants/pots/saucers and came home and potted all the plants up.

ABOVE:  Done ... till I need more.  IF I sell any!

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  1. Was so fun potting them and the buying more part haha 😄


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