Tuesday, June 14, 2022


These are the fabrics I bought in Wellington and Napier:

ABOVE:  I'm going to use this fabric for runners.
Can't wait in fact.

ABOVE: There's 4 fat quarters there.  I just loved the colours.

ABOVE: A Christmas fabric I'd not seen anywhere else, so I got some.

ABOVE: Beautiful batiks.  I've got the one on the bottom left, but I love it, so got more while I could.

ABOVE:  A mixed bag this lot, but lovely.

ABOVE:  two Kaffe Fassetts and some stripes.  So lovely. I've already got those Kaffe Fassetts, but you can always use more.  lol


8.20 am: Since we got home on Sunday, I've been keeping a diary of our power consumption.
Obviously, there is always the fridges and freezers on, but that's about it.
So, when we turn something on, I write down when and what.
Or when Stew or I have a shower, etc.

I am going to see exactly when we use more power, and compare it to the next Usage notification I get on Fridays.

It is going to be so interesting to see how much power we 'used' while away for 5 days, compared to when we are home.

I must admit I used to have the lights on more than probably necessary, so as of yesterday, I don't turn the lights on until it is actually DARK.

And I have gotten out our candles, in case we have a power cut, cos shit the weather has been crap the past few days!  

If it was only me in this house, I'd never turn the lights on again!  I'd just use candles.  

I'm trying to think of other ways to save power.  But we are already low users compared to most households I think.  No teenagers taking 35-45 minute long showers every day anymore, thank god.

I wonder how much power my laptop uses?  It's on all day.  Or am I just going a bit too over the top there?

I'm certainly going to cook smarter at night.  If the oven has to go on, I'm going to cook as much as possible while it's on.  The meat and veges in it at the same time.  Veges can go in a dish of water and cook in the oven right?  Or roast them.
I'm going to get really good at this!
I will even cook 2-3 dishes of meat at the same time too.
Then all I have to do is reheat it another day.

OH shit!  I've already done that... with all the pre-cooked meals in the freezer.  I'm on to it!

Back to today.  So far, the sun is shining.  So I've got a load of linen (mostly towels) in the washing machine.  I hope to hang them outside to dry.

Now... it's time to do Wordle and Quordle.

I got WORDLE IN TWO!  I hardly ever do that.
And after saying I didn't want to do Quordle every day, I'm hooked on it too.

The rain started again, so all the washing is in the garage.  And now?  Suns out again.
Shitty weather.  Though I'd rather this than summer.

ABOVE:  My little pots arrived from China.  And they are so cute.  They are plastic, and I've mix 'n' matched them.
I'm going to pot them up now with succulents.  Just one in each pot should do, cos they are small.

Well, it's now 9.46 pm, it was a long afternoon spent wrapped up in a blanket catching up on Coronation Street, and potting succulents.

I cooked Curried Sausages for dinner, bloody yum!

Stew and I had a good talk about his trip up to Auckland.  More on that tomorrow.

For now, I'm watching... CORONATION STREET.  😊😂😅

Catch ya tomorrow.

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  1. Your little pots are adorable 😍 so is all your new fabrics. Thanks again for my yarn 🙂


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