Monday, June 13, 2022


Edited out all of the content here....

ABOVE:  I got these lovely photos of Khady and Stew. 

ABOVE X's 3:  Steve and the little boys trying the super sour lollies!  It made them gasp and gag.  But strangely, they liked them!
I gave Bex two balls of lovely wool as a 'Thank You' for caring so lovingly for our girls.

I don't think the girls wanted to come home.

ABOVE:  Khady and her dog, Max.  Max was almost put down 10 days ago!  He couldn't walk at all.  Something to do with his neck.  But he's rallied, and is doing well again.  He's 15 years old, so is on borrowed time.

ABOVE:  A little video I took on our way home from Napier, yesterday.   It's of Waipunga falls, which is half way between Napier and Taupo.  Stunning.  It was DAMN FREEZING though.

Right, I've got a bit to do this morning. Mostly getting washing done, and hung on racks.

On Wednesday afternoon, when Stew gets home from work we are heading up to Auckland for two days.  Stew has a conference to attend, so I'm tagging along for the hell of it.

I might end up out at Bethell's Beach helping Khady, not sure yet.

Hopefully I can catch up with YOU, Tracy.  Will keep in touch re that.

10 am and we have rain and hail.  It's rather cold.
I've done 90% of my morning jobs, plus a few more even.
Now I'm going to the Base to get a repeat prescription.
And post some sweets to Ron.

2.34 pm: Well I got all me jobs done.
Picked up me pills, and came home.
To a freezing cold house.

BUT I'm determined NOT to turn on the heater.
I'm going to use as little power as humanely possible, and see what our 'new' meter says we used.

I'm fucked if they are going to get away with ripping us off. Our power suddenly rose by 24% the day after they 'adjusted' our meter!
Damn fuckers.

WIND.  RAIN.  HAIL.  MORE WIND.  Getting dark and it's only 3.10 pm!

I cooked roast chicken and veges for dinner.  
And now I'm going to bed early.

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