Friday, June 10, 2022


 Ok. It's now 7.31 pm and Stew just reminded me that I had not blogged today!

Wow thats a first... not blogging all day.

So. Our day went like this:

Up and out of that shit motel by 8 am.

It was disgusting.  The shower was dirty and stunk.. so no shower for us.

It rained on and off all day.

We got to Napier around 2.30 and booked into our motel.

Had crackers, cheese and chutneys for a late lunch.

Took a walk along to waterfront.

Back to the motel.. showered and washed me hair.

NEVER use nasty motel shampoo! I could hardy brush my hair out!

We are now at Lone star for dinner.

ABOVE: Stew had a steak with mushrooms and I had the Lasso of Hog. 

Very good dinner.

We are now going back to our motel, which is very nice i might add.

Probably an early night cos we are bloody tired. 


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