Friday, June 17, 2022


 I found a place for the cream 2 seater couch.

ABOVE: While it narrows down the walk way a bit, it's ok there.  And when we have more visitors, it can be turned around to face the family room and be used.

We often have people sitting on the bar stools because there's not enough comfortable seating in that room.  So now, there's at least two more seats.

Steve does not like it there.  Let's see what Stew has to say... before I decide if it stays there, or NOT. 

ABOVE:  I put the Ottoman in the kids room... it's got kids blankies in it.  And the kids will I'm sure, sit on it when in there.

Last night the team Stew's been at conference with did a 'Team Building' exercise.  He thought it would probably be some sort of cooking. But no.
It was painting.  Something Stew's never done before (that I know of anyway).  He's never shown any artistic bent AT ALL.
So, I was very interested to see what he did.

Here it is:

ABOVE:  On the left is the painting they had to copy.  On the right is Stew's rendition.  I'm impressed!  It's not bad at all.
And check out his signature... can't miss it.  😂😅😆
Well done darling!   I am going to find just the perfect place to hang it.

Stew is home tonight.  I don't know what time to expect him yet.  I'll find out sometime today I suppose.

Right, time to roll over and catch a few more Zzzz's I think.  

OH... before I forget.  I saw a bloke advertising succulents for sale here in Rototuna.

I'm going to buy a few this morning.  I'm a bit excited!  He has some really lovely ones.  I'm buying them for ME, not to sell at markets btw.

10.45 am:  And I've just been around to Frank's.  He's the succulent man.
And OMG!!!
His property is literally crawling with succulents:

ABOVE:  He obviously does it as a 'job'.  He has 'mother plants', ones in his own 'collection', and hundreds of baby plants that he sells.
He also had some very lovely little pots for sale.
I bought ONE.  I was very restrained.
But I will be going back, lol.

ABOVE:  I told him I was a complete novice, and he said I could ask him questions anytime I wanted.
I had chosen 7 plants online, but once there I chose another 3.
And he gave me two of them for free.  What a lovely man.

ABOVE: This is the one pot I bought, and one of my new plants.

ABOVE: These are the other 9.  I'm keeping all of them for my 'collection'.

We had a really good discussion on how to care for and keep them alive.  And the  one thing he couldn't stress more was that they need VENTILATION first, sun next and lastly, water.

ABOVE:  So the first thing I did when I got home was fling open the windows!  Can't have them getting mould or fungus growing on them, which is what will happen if they don't have ventilation.

I will eventually get Steve to build me a covered shelving unit outside so I can have more!

But for now, that's enough.

Whoops!  No update till now.  Oh well... that's part of the beauty of only blogging when I want to now!
Stew got home safe and sound.

He likes the couch in the dining area.  So it gets to stay there.

He loved the new little pot I got from Frank this morning.  We are going back to Frank's tomorrow afternoon to get his LAST 3!  lol

I cooked chicken rissoles, potato and spaghetti for dinner... a classic silly bugger meal.

Now.  Watching the telly till bedtime.  Blankie on.  Bliss.


  1. Wow we may need to go have another look lol. I saved 2 succulents from mitre 10 today 😬🤭

  2. Stew! You did a great job!


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