Monday, June 20, 2022


 So much is just fucking me off right now.

Facebook ... you can't say FUCK.  And you can't joke about wanting to stab your husband 16 times in the chest.  

I'm on an official warning!  Next time they will delete my account.

So yeah.  While I stopped blogging publicly, and moved to Facebook 'full time' instead, I lost my ability to say what I want.

Can't win.

I want to go back to blogging properly, but all the reasons I stopped are still there.

But I hate it all.  Facebook.  Censorship. FUCK it all.

Can't think what I'm doing today.  Might just mope.  And seethe.

Nearly 12.
Done all the housework.
Had brunch.
Done Wordle (in 3) and failed miserably with Quordle.  
Bored.  Cold.  
Turned the heat pump on for 2 hours this morning.
It's off now.

Should go into the sewing room and do SOMETHING.  Anything.  But I simply can't be arsed.

Just blah still.

Well I did do some sewing, and it felt good.  Cheered me up a bit.
UNTIL I had to have a conversation with Kelly.
But that's all on PEPSI.
I'm not rehashing it here.

Stew and I had Chicken and Bacon in a cheesy pasta sauce.  It was bloody yum.
I'm now wrapped up in me blankie, watching tv.
And that's me for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Chris. Hard to believe it's winter down there. Seems like only yesterday you were jumping in yr pool and we were freezing our butts off. Nice to read all about it


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