Wednesday, June 29, 2022


 Is it wrong that I laughed at this? :


Creek bed significantly disturbed by people’s actions, Cania Gorge National Park.

In Australia, hikers who create rock stacks face a fine of A$689, or more than NZ$750, for “constructing an unauthorised structure or works in parks”.

Queensland National Parks told hikers to Cania Gorge to “look beyond what may be visually pleasing to some”.

“Notice how the dry creek bed is now bare of its rock cover! All these stacked rocks should be on the ground serving their purpose.

I appreciate that making Rock Cairns is fun, and I have done one myself (once), but yeah.That creek bed is ruined.  Perhaps people need to start knocking them over?
I have nothing on my agenda today, so I will bugger off for now.

This week I pledged to not use the heat pump.  I used it when I wanted to last week.
This week.... as a 'control', I'm not using it.  That way I can see how much it up's the power usage.So far, my 'WATCH' on our power usage has gone well.
I can't see any major increase apart from that very first day after the meter was 'UPDATED', so that's good!
Maybe we will be staying with Mercury after all?
So.  I'm freezing as a consequence this week.  It will be worth it to see the difference though.
I'm sitting in my chair, big blankie on, HOTPODS on my lap.  As long as I don't move, I stay warm.  So not much is getting done today.
I'm damn cold.  And crabby.
In me sewing room, about to sew something.  Hoping it cheers me up.Feeling very low today.
OK.  Going into the sewing room was a damn good idea.  I got a few things made, made a big mess and just felt... HAPPIER.
Stew got home later than usual, which was annoying, cos I had dinner all ready for 6 pm.Never mind, his went in the microwave.We had roast Lamb knuckles, gravy, and a lovely vege mix of potato, tomato, onion, capsicum etc.
What's that vege that looks like cucumber, but isn't?  Can't for the life of me think of the name.  Derrr.  The mix had that in it too.
Time to sign off for the day.  Tomorrow it's the start of the downward slope to the end of the year!


  1. Building consent required

  2. It’s cold here, currently 12 but feels like is 6. Much better than 2 hours ago whe it was 9 and feels like was 2. AC is on and staying on Electricity bill will be more than $50 like the last two bills

    1. $50? Jezus that is LOW! Ours is usually around $200 a month. But living in New Zealand is damn expensive! Everything is that much more expensive. Petrol is going to be $3.50 a litre soon.

    2. We have never had them that cheap before but we do have solar panels and a really good discount from the power company (40% + 3%). Rates are going up soon so enjoy it while we can. Diesel is currently about $2.30 where we live but cheaper in the cities

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    You mentioned having your gas meter read yesterday - what do you have running on gas? We are all electric and our power bill is usually around $150 - we have the heat pump on whenever we are feeling cold - it is far more expensive if you get sick, lol. Audrey

    1. Our hot water is on gas. We explored the option to switch to electric infinity hot water when the water cylinder burst a while ago, but it was THOUSANDS of dollars, much more than just getting a new gas cylinder.

  4. That is sad. The poor creek bed. They are called Inuksuks in Canada and were used as a form of communication for those who live near the Arctic Circle.

  5. Replies
    1. YES! That's it. So weird, I simply COULD NOT for the life of me think of the damn name. I like em.

    2. Anonymous10:27 PM

      Also known as courgettes. Audrey


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