Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 On Sunday just gone, Bex did a community market over in Nawton, Hamilton.

And she bought me a little gift:

ABOVE:  Her friend Ren made a couple of them.  I love mine!

Fishy AND succulents.  Ya can't lose with that combo when you are getting me something.

Talking of succulents:

ABOVE:  A little collage of some of my favourites.

Here is something to think upon:

WHAT WOULD YOUR ANSWER BE:  Come on.... you know you want to.

And now... back to today.  Got the dusting to do, and a couple of other smaller jobs.

So... best get started.

10.30 am.  I've just finished tidying up the laundry shelves etc.

It's amazing how an area can slowly but surely get all messed up, bottles of different things just shoved in.  No order at all.
Well, I don't handle that too well after a while, so today my feet started twitching at 7.30 and I just had to get up and sort it out.

Done now.  Next job?

Dusting.  But it can wait.   I'm taking time out.

AND NOW... I'm having my lunch, at 1.20 pm.

Knock on the door at 1.45 pm.  It's a meter reader.
Hmmmm... clearly the power meter is not read from 'base'?  The meter guy said, yes it is.  

The Gas Meter is not though.

I got a phone call on the 21st saying to lock my dogs in over the next THREE days, as the meter was going to be read.

Yeah right.

It's been a week.  That's ummm... SEVEN days.
Rather glad I didn't lock the girls inside AT ALL.
The meter man showed me his instructions for our home.

"KNOCK on the door.  BAD DOGS" (highlighted even!)

WTF?  Bad dogs?  That is just crazy.

Oh well.... over it.  But I might email them and tell them not to bother ringing me to warn me to keep the dogs in over the next three days, cos three days is NOT seven days right?

Stew got home safely from Rotorua, and I cooked him chicken cordon bleu with posh poppas and kumera rissoles.
I'd had my main meal of the day at lunch time.
It's working for me most days doing that now.

And now... we are watching some telly before bed.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Trish in New Jersey8:20 AM

    Life in the nut house.

  2. Love the gift. My title would be "What did your last wife die from?"

  3. Yhere sure isnt any good night johnboy in my family either if Dad name is John

  4. The idiots guide to ...

  5. I would hardly call your dogs Bad.

  6. Yep gas is still manually read. You can actually read the meter though and report the number to them so they don't have to come and do that. Look into that perhaps, much easier going forward as they won't need to come as often.

  7. Kiwionholidays6:52 PM

    I love those succulents amazing colours. Nice to catch up again On here
    Rice pudding weather, but beginning with bacon and egg pie home-made👍

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  8. Kiwionholidays6:54 PM

    Beautiful wee gift from Bex ,,🌸

  9. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Seen those beautiful succulents pictures Becs friend made, loved the one in a jug

  10. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Love your succulents, I just love all my plants they make me happy. Jo

  11. Bad dogs "Give Me A Break"! What a sweet gift.

  12. Missed a few blog days due to being out and about. Nice to see you enjoyed the long weekend with family and glad the pupsters were tolerant of Beau - he is a beauty of a collie. After our move here 3 years ago I said I wasn't leaving unless it was in a box.....guess who was here yesterday ? Uh huh, an estate agent. It seems I didn't factor in the pull of a grandchild, and 5 hours is a long way away when they're littlies. So we just need to find out if it's financially viable and whether there are any properties we can afford near Miss Katy G. Oh my goodness, the thought of packing up again ! ☹

  13. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Ooh love those succulents. I've got a couple of them but very exciting. I'm looking for a shelter or a green house to shelter them from the goddamn wgtn rain.


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