Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 The only time I didn't feel as crabby as FUCK yesterday was when I was in my sewing room.


ABOVE: I finally finished this runner.  It had been put aside over and over again!  

ABOVE:  Today I am going to work on this.... another coffee cup runner, using the fabrics I got down in Wellington.

It's card night tonight, so I will need to go out and get some petrol in me car.

While out, I will also do a small grocery grab.   I think I'll get some donuts or similar to take to card night.

Well... I've not gotten into me sewing room yet.

First thing I did today was go out and buy all the plastic saucers from Bunnings (South Branch).  I'd already bought all of them from the Te Rapa branch!
So now I don't think I'll be running out for a while.
I've got about 150!

After that I went to Pak n Save for a small grocery grab.

That place gives me the creeps.  
OR should I say it's full of CREEPS?

There is nothing more off putting than rubbing shoulders with people who are not even dressed properly, who smell like fucking shit and look like the last time they brushed their hair was back in 2011.

And let's not mention the ones literally roaming around in the car park looking in cars!

I gave one guy a filthy look when he walked past my car as I was walking up to it!
Seriously, he was up to no good.

Disgusting place, disgusting people.

Except of course, there were a few half decent people there, like me!  😂😆😅

The single and only reason I go there now is due to their prices.  They are the cheapest in town.  

I can't wait until they open the new store out by The Base.  It's going to draw from a much 'better' area.
In town, half the motels near Pak n Save are full of people requiring emergency accommodation. 

I hope sometime soon the government STOPS making taxpayers pay for people to live in fucking motels!
I know there isn't much choice, but still.
The moteliers are laughing all the way to the bank, and WE pay for it.

Rant over on that subject.

I've put the groceries away, made up  a little platter for cards tonight, had me lunch, sorted out all me grocery bags and ... now I'm busting for a  piddle.
So I'll do that then maybe head into the sewing room.

I hate Facebook.
Today I got blocked AGAIN.
For no reason.
I'd done NOTHING 'wrong' at all.

I was going 'too fast'??? What the fuck?
Too fast at what?

I am beyond annoyed.

I am contemplating returning to blogging in the public realm.

IF I return to doing this publicly, it will be slightly different.
Maybe less often during the day?
Maybe less information on where/what we are doing each day?
Maybe more retrospectively?

Bex and I went to Cards tonight.
We had fun.  Bex DIDN'T win ... she had beginners luck the last two times and won.

Now... I've been editing out certain parts of my posts over the past month, so I can go public again without offending anyone!

Time to sign off for the day.
Perhaps tomorrow I will be 'BACK'?


  1. Yeay card night I better get something aswell lol. And return my trophy again 🤣

  2. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Made my day reading your blog again

  3. Anonymous1:37 AM

    I hate Facebook, I won’t post on it anymore, I send direct messages through messenger, I love using it though for information and photos. So glad you are back, this is like we are really talking to you.

  4. Hey you're back!! Sorry about the trouble on Facebook but good for us and blogger 😊😊have been thinking about you and yours and wondering what was going on. Now I can read all about it.
    Love from Greece. Lots of it

  5. Glad to be back here. They don't get your sense of humour on FCbook. We all know you treasure Stew. Hugs and love to all.

  6. Great to wake up and be able to read your blog. Welcome back 😊

  7. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Our petrol prices here are so out of control as are our groceries! Is it bad over there too? (Nic Running G)

  8. So glad to see you back Chris. I'm another one that doesn't comment very often. I find with the time change (18hrs.) when I check your blog there are tons of comments and anything I would have to say has already been said!!😊

  9. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Very glad that you are back blogging. I rarely comment but truly enjoy reading about your days. I love your runners. Ro in N.W. Italy xx


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