Wednesday, June 08, 2022


 Well, we are off down the line again today.

Driving to Palmerston North first.  

All going well we will be there in time to have Afternoon Tea with Sandra, Chris D and Anne.

Then we are having dinner with Mike and Joyce... I will be ringing them during the day to find out where we will be meeting them.

We are booked into a motel for the night.  I'm looking forward to a nice spa bath!  I'm not a big bath lover, but when you don't have one in your home, you DO kinda miss them.

So, I should be having a long soak in one tonight.  

And that's me for now.  We hope to get away by around 8 am.  So I better get a move on.

...and our day has gone really well. 

Got to Palmerston North in good time.

Met up with the girls for afternoon tea. 

ABOVE: We had some good laughs.

ABOVE: the towns not changed much since we were last here, only 2 months ago.

Stew and I are now watching the girls do marching practice, before we meet up with Mike and Joyce for dinner.

I'm starving....

Well... we had a very nice dinner at Njavahoe Steakhouse with Mike amd Joyce. Plenty of yakkity yak and catching up with each others news.

They will be up to visit us in a couple of weeks, we are looking forward to that. 

But now... we are back at our motel and looking forward to a quiet evening before the next leg of our trip tomorrow. 


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