Thursday, June 23, 2022



ABOVE:  Last night's sunset!

I missed the very best part by about 5 minutes, but it was still stunning.

ABOVE:  I just had to add to it.

It's freezing.  Yesterday was, according to the experts, the coldest day, so far, this year.

I turned the heat pump on yesterday morning, and I will be doing the same today.

At some point today I am going out to buy some slippers.  My UGG boots are just too heavy to wear around the house all day.

I've only been saying I want to buy some slippers for oh... weeks!

I'm not gunna say what else I plan on doing today... cos I probably won't end up doing it!

No pressure to be accountable to you fullas for me day to day activities.  No pressure. No stress.

Just be.  ME.

Catch ya later.

... More on the Hotpods I bought yesterday.
First use, they were not hot, just warm.  I was a bit disappointed in them to be honest.

BUT... last night I plugged them in again, and after  heating up for 15 minutes, I put them in my lap.  And they were HOT.  Lovely and HOT.
So, I'm very happy with them.
Well worth the money.  I hope they last, though at $32 each, they are not very expensive.

ABOVE:  I felt like hot scones.  So there you are.
One little batch of scones.
Now I have NO flour left, or Strawberry jam.

So when I do go out later on, I will be getting more flour etc, cos we are hopefully getting visitors this weekend.  And hot scones are a family favourite.

I want a bloody medal.  Cos I ironed about 12 of Stew's business shirts.
I fucking HATE ironing his shirts. Some bloke on Facebook said you can buy ironless shirts, so I'm gunna look for them.
Wouldn't it be amazing if he could wear shirts that don't need ironing?

We are expecting Mike and Joyce after dinner.  WHOOP WHOOP.  They are here for the long weekend.
They are bringing their dog Beau.  I wonder how our girls will react to him?
Coco will probably be just fine, but Marley?
That could be interesting.

5.25 pm:  And I finally went out to the mall and bought some freakin' slippers!
And some groceries.

ABOVE:  I had TWO things on my list to get.  TWO.  Yeah.  Who ever goes and doesn't buy more than what's on the list?
Certainly not me.

ABOVE:  Chartwell Square is just so damn SAD.  This is it on it's late night Thursday.  Maybe there were more people upstairs at the Foodcourt?  I don't know, I didn't go up there.
I was in and out so fast ... I wanted to beat the traffic getting home again.

ABOVE:  It only took me a few minutes to grab some slippers too.  It would have been faster, but I had to waste some time with the sales girl.  More on that tomorrow.

For now, I'm probably done for the day.  Stew will be home in the next half an hour or so.
Mike and Joyce are about 1.5 hours away.
All is good.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh I just love your replies to that formula. Yeh. We are human for heaven's sake. You got it right every time. Rock on

  2. Hope the public blogging works out okay this time. So many of us enjoy it. I never could find my Facebook account so couldn't comment there. Love all the succulents and pots ... makes me want to go buy some but I'm afraid I'd kill them off in no time. It's so nice to read here again. Erin

  3. Oh I love scones...especially with strawberry jam and cream...

  4. Rhonda11:25 AM

    Oh those scones looks so yum 😋 Have a good day whatever you get up too

  5. So glad to see you back. Oh my god your neighbor sure isnt in mid south island its barely making 8 or 9 temp here and further down not even getting to zero. Hhhmmm scones, ive got friends coming around Saturday for card making so might make scones for lunch.

  6. The scones look yummy. Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten to put jam on my grocery list. My favourite is Strawberry Rhubarb.

  7. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Enjoy having Mike and Joyce visit

    Anne Palmy

  8. On Youtube look up 'deserted malls of America'. It's awful. Malls open with only one or two stores, music playing and no one there. I saw a few like that when I was there, so sad.

  9. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hush puppy slippers? They sound a bit fancy. I want to see what is in the box! Nic (Running GIRL)

  10. My mother used to only iron the front of dad's shirts. She reckoned he could wear his jacket!

  11. Good to have you back Chris, have an enjoyable weekend.

  12. Yum hot scones are the best. I hope your slippers are nice and toasty. Keep warm and enjoy your company and the long weekend.

  13. Please tell me the slippers are leopard with sheep skin mules! I will laugh my head off if you did as that is what I am wearing right now!

  14. The mall in my city is like that too, ghost town. I just go there to get a massage lol.


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