Saturday, June 04, 2022


 Well... we've had a leisurely start to the day.

Keera got up and quietly watched TV until I got up and fed her breakfast.  It's really neat how good she is in the mornings NOW.

I've now hung out the washing and picked on of these:

ABOVE: Mandarins... our tree is FULL of huge mandarins! Stew and Keera are going to pick the ripe ones this morning.

I'm not a fruit person, but I ate that one and it wasn't that bad!  Not quite as sweet as I would have liked, but passable.

It's not raining now, so hopefully the ground dries out so Stew can mow our hay paddock this afternoon!  OMG it's grown so much in the past two weeks.

Right now, he's dithering over his breakfast, reading the news etc.  Then he will go to the supermarket to get our weekly suppy of Diet Coke and a few other things.

Keera can go with him and get outta my hair.

Lacy is coming over after lunch and taking Keera off for a sleep over at her place.  I think she said she would return her sometime on Sunday.

Kelly tried to say she couldn't have Keera at her place UNLESS she told her where she lived, but in the final court papers there is NOTHING about Lacy having to tell Kelly where she lives.  So fuck her.

Lacy is her mother, and can have her at her place any time she wants.

I constantly fume over this sort of shit.

I really need to stop letting it get me so angry.

OK, enough bitching.  Time to do Wordle and Quordle.

ABOVE:  Last night, the girls getting spoilt rotten.
So cute.

ABOVE:  Our beautiful Emily, enjoying my snuggly blanket.  I'm sure she would have nicked it given half the chance. 😊

I got Wordle in 3, and Quordle too.  

5 pm:  Lunch was at Chartwell Square today.  We met up with Steve, Bex and the boys.  A lovely lunch.  Keera went home with Steve and Bex so she could play with the boys for a couple of hours before Lacy took her back to her place.

I spent the afternoon sorting out all my runners, getting ready to photograph them all, and put them on my new Facebook Page:  Runners & MORE.
Bex helped me set that page up.

It's been long overdue.  Now I can advertise my Runners etc on Facebook.
It might take a long time to get any sales, if any at all.  But it's worth a go.

Tomorrow I will start taking said photos... it's going to take me a few days to get them all done and on the page!

Steve, Bex and the boys are here for dinner.
Not that the kids are going to be hungry, they are scoffing down peanuts right now!


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