Monday, June 27, 2022

I SPY...

Mike and Joyce left for home (Palmerston North) mid afternoon yesterday.

Beau got in the car...

ABOVE:  "I spy with my little eye..."

ABOVE:  "Something that doesn't belong there! ..."

ABOVE:  "Mike, you have a stowaway!"

Yep.  Coco doing what she almost always does.  Trying to go too.  

She just LOVES being in a car, going out and about.  ANYONE'S CAR will do.


ABOVE:  Marley was like, SEE YA, take that annoying little boy dog with ya.  

In all though, all three dogs got on well.  They drew boundary lines and mostly kept to them.

ABOVE:  All is good in Marley's world again.  😂😉😊

ABOVE:  Sorry, it's almost 4 minutes long!
Skip if ya not interested in dogs.

So today, Stew is back to work, and I will do my usual Monday morning jobs.
There's a lot more washing!
And vacuuming.
And cleaning bathrooms.
And dusting.... cos 'someone' pointed out it needed doing!  Pffffft.

12.15 pm:  And I'm at a stop.  Waiting for floors to dry now.  Then I will clean the bathroom cabinets, sinks etc.  Then all that's left to do is the dusting and a couple of odd jobs.  And they will be TOMORROW'S jobs, cos I'm just about done.
The 4th load of washing is in the machine right now.  I have done three BIG loads of linen so far, just clothes to get done now.

5 loads of washing done and hung on racks in the garage.
Entire house vacuumed and floors all washed.
Extra fluffing around putting stuff away etc.
DONE for the day.

Had a nana nap.  Didn't cook dinner.  Stew had leftovers for dinner.

It's really cooling down again now, so I've put me Oodie on.  Still need me blankie on me legs though.

It's  a good feeling knowing the house is almost all spic 'n' span again.  

Time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Trish in New Jersey7:51 AM

    Beau is such a pretty well behaved dog. And Marley is so obviously the queen of the house.

  2. Did you give ‘someone’ a cloth and tell them to dust ? 😂

    1. Probably should have. But no.

    2. Haha 😄 it was only the 1 jar you missed. 😆 your house is always tidy.

  3. You nearly lost ya pooch.

  4. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I love the outrage in every fibre of Marley’s fur 😂

  5. Looks as though you had a lovely visit with the family. Keep warm.

  6. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Oh those dogs are so gorgeous together. I could watch them all day.


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