Sunday, June 05, 2022


 Yesterday a bloke from our power company turned up to update our meter.

I knew he was coming.

I asked him if my power bill would now be going up, like.... was the new meter going to click over FASTER?

He assured me it wouldn't affect or change anything.

So, I took his photo and told him it was for my records.  AND I told him that I knew exactly how much power we used most days, and that we got a rundown of our weekly usage every Friday... so I would be keeping an eye out to make sure my power consumption didn't suddenly go up!

I think I scared him.

And god help them if my power usage does go up!

In fact, this week it should go DOWN as we will be away from Wednesday to Sunday.

I'm really looking forward to our trip away.  Lots of travelling involved, but it will still be a nice break away.

Sandra/Chris D/Anne R:  We will be staying at a motel in Palmy Wednesday night (Stew's choice), and would like to catch up with you all on Wednesday for afternoon tea.  How about it?  

Mike and Joyce: Dinner with you guys, book somewhere nice OK?

Now... today?  No plans ... but I might make a start on taking photos of the runners.  I have so many!  I'll also be photographing the Soup Bowl Cosy's and so on too.  

I suppose I should check outside to see if it's fine... cos where I am taking the photos is outside.   If it's wet... well it will have to wait till another day.

4.30 pm:  I have spent ALL DAY taking photos of my runners/bowl cosy's and putting them on my new Facebook Page.

I am not going to add the coasters!  There's too many and I can't be arsed.

I'll do the few toys I have tomorrow.

For now, I'm damn cold and want to just relax for a while.

Expecting Lacy and Keera back for dinner soon.

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