Friday, June 24, 2022


 I went into a shoe shop in the mall yesterday afternoon, wanting to buy some warm slippers.

So in I went, and I asked the two ladies in there ... where were the slippers to be found.

They took me over to a few plinths that were covered in 'ladies' slippers.

I decided on a brand/style, and asked to try them on.

Not a problem.  There were only two colours to choose from.  Black or Grey. I asked if they had any other colours?  NOPE.

They didn't have any Black in my size, so I was gunna have to settle for the Grey, which I really didn't like.

Then as I sat there, I glanced to my left.  At the Men's slippers.

And hey!  There was a pair of the exact same slippers in Navy Blue.

So I said to the Sales lady: "Hey, are they the same as the Grey slippers?"

She said yes.  So I was like:  "So why can't I buy them instead of the Grey ones?"

To which she replied I actually could!

Fuck me days.  

I bought the Navy Blue ones.

Seriously people, if there's no difference between the women's and men's slippers (in that brand/style), why the hell don't they let you know and give you more options with the colour? 

Or are Navy Blue slippers only supposed to be worn by Men?

ABOVE:  They are lovely and warm, just like me UGGS, just not so long or heavy.

I had thought about cutting my UGGS down to my ankle, but OMG, that would have probably ruined them.  And they cost a bomb!

Best to save them for if we ever go somewhere REALLY cold.  Or cold market mornings.

NOT that I plan on doing winter markets ... except one in July.  I'm only doing summer markets from now on.  I'm never gunna stand in the freezing cold for hours again if I can help it.

I'm a pussy.

I have photos of Mike, Joyce and Beau, but haven't edited them yet... so ya have to wait.


We all really thought our dogs wouldn't like Beau!
Coco loves him.
Marley?  Yeah nah, but she didn't attack him like we thought she would.
In fact, she is keeping right away from him, and he's got the message loud and clear that she doesn't like him much, so he's keeping away from her too.

ABOVE:  We put a collar on Marley when Beau first arrived, just in case she tried to bite him.  But she didn't, so it came off.

ABOVE:  Beau's like ... PLAY WITH ME!  Coco did heaps, but she got tired faster than Beau and told him off after a while.
He is super intelligent and got the message pretty quickly.

Stew went to the supermarket.
Mike and Joyce are at the mall... buying slippers I think.
I am at home, eating scones.... and Steve, Bex and the boys arrive.

ABOVE: Probably the nicest photo taken of Dante in a very long time!  Not too shabby of Coco either.

Mike's out the back, doing I don't know what. Probably with Beau for potty.

The little kids kept coming in and out of the sliding door by my chair (leading into the sunroom). In and out.  In and out.  So I finally cracked a shit and yelled at Dante to STOP opening and closing the damn door!

Mike heard me from outside.
So he walked all the way around the entire house so he could come back inside via the back door, so he didn't have to come in through the sliding door and annoy the fuck out of me!

I do believe I scared him!  lol

Interesting afternoon.
Russell came to visit, which was actually nice.

Then some shit went down with others.

I am totally over today.



  1. I've got wide feet so usually buy "men's" for runners, flip flops, crocs and slippers, anything unisex. Love my Uggs but seldom wear them since we moved from Canada. Erin

  2. RuthW in MD11:19 AM

    OH!! I loved that video!! So fun watching all three doggies playing around! It's very nice to read your blog again. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    My SIL knitted me slippers - the best ever! Love the photo of Dante - Anne Palmy

  4. That is one gorgeous photo of Dante so natural of both of them.

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM

    That is a great photo of Dante and Coco. Enjoy your cozy slippers. I think the blue looks great 👍. Sus

  6. Rhonda7:49 PM

    Oh Chris you just cannot win 🤦‍♀️

  7. Enjoy Steve and Mike and their families, forget about everyone else for the weekend

  8. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Hey Chris, sorry your day ended in a sour note. I bought one of the electric heat packs you talked about today. I’m super keen to give it a go tonight. Michelle from Oz.

    1. Don't forget, for me the heatpod didn't get HOT until it's 2nd use. The first time it only got warm.

    2. Anonymous11:09 PM

      I do remember that and you are right it didn’t stay warm too long the first time but I shall be having another go in an hour so when I go to bed.


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