Wednesday, June 15, 2022


 Well, Stew and I discussed his trip up to Auckland tonight.

I WAS going with him, but now I've decided to stay home.

Several reasons.

1.  He will be working 8.30 am - 8 pm! I literally won't get to spend any time with him.

2.  I'm not feeling confident about driving our new car up in Auckland.  I have only driven it twice so far! And only to The Base and back.  Where Stew is staying is right down in the heart of the city, where parking and negotiating the traffic is nuts.  

I'm just not going to do it!  I'd never forgive myself if I crashed the bloody thing.

3.  We just got home from a trip, 5 days of travelling.  Stew did a trip metre thing, and we travelled 1,328 kms!  So, I'm just a bit over travelling and motels.

Take all that into account, and the fact that I don't even need to go, I have decided to stay home.

I had thought I could help Khady with a few things at Allie's house, but she's sorting out Allie's legal affairs, with lawyers and banks etc.  So not much I can do right now to help her.

So, it's going to be just me for a couple of days.  Stew will come home from work tonight, pack a bag and go up to Auckland.

Which means NO COOKING for me till Friday night, when he gets home again.  I can have toasted sandwiches for dinner!  YEAH!

Today: Although I don't need any more right now, I am going out to find more of the little pots I got from Look Sharp and The Warehouse. 

And that's about all I have planned for today... for now.

 10.55 am:  And I've spent the past 2 and a half hours fluffing around in the house.

Moving stuff out of the 'kids' room, rearranging all the toys into boxes so I could use the shelving unit that was in there ...

ABOVE:  ... in here.  Now all my plants and propagation can happen down there.
I will see about getting some more shelves in time, but for now that's fine.

ABOVE:  This end of the sunroom is pretty much the same.  Lacy is going to take my Dad's chair AGAIN.  I just don't have anywhere to put it.

Now I'm taking a break.  My face is beetroot red!
At least I'm not cold I suppose.

I syphoned off all the rain water from the top of the pool cover overnight.
AND OMG!  The pool was about a third EMPTY this morning.  So now I've got the hose in there filling it up again.

6.10 pm:  I've had a quiet afternoon, just fluffing around the house, watching You Tube, and so on.
Stew got home at 6, and is now sitting down to eat his dinner.
YES, I cooked.
We had Corned Beef, Potatoes, veges and cheese sauce.
Stew wasn't expecting dinner, he thought I wasn't cooking tonight?  Oh well, he's fed and on his way shortly.
I will miss him.

Toasted sandwiches tomorrow night for me.... or will it be something else?

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  1. Makes sense not to come up although I am disappointed of course :-(. Never mind, next time maybe. Enjoy your day.


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