Saturday, June 18, 2022


 Lacy picked Keera up from school yesterday afternoon, and she kept her overnight.

I expect her to bring her here around lunchtime.

Meanwhile, I've got some housework to do this morning.

Stew is going to the supermarket to get his usual Saturday morning things.  Primarily DIET COKE of course.

After lunch .... well at 3 pm to be precise, we are going to Frank's to pick up three more of those gorgeous pots!

I hope I don't see any more succulents I just have to buy!  

I don't want to get too many more though.  Let's see if I can keep them alive first.  😂😅😊

3.38 pm:  Busy morning doing washing, pricing my runners etc.
The Steve, Bex and the boys came over for lunch.
We had hot chip sandwiches.  So good!

Then Bex and I went over to Frank's to pick up my new pots.

ABOVE:  I MIGHT have bought more plants and pots than I intended to buy.
Stew asked me if I had money when I left, (I did), but well... he offered and I was happy to take his money.
AND I spent it all.  😂😆😊

Steve and family have now gone home. Keera is watching TV.  Stew is watching rugby.
And I'm freezing, so I'm gunna warm up some wheat bags and snuggle under me blankie and watch something on You Tube. Or Netflix.

Stew cooked our dinner this evening.  We had sausages, mashed potato and brown onion gravy.  No one wanted veges!  Funny that.
Not much has changed since this afternoon.
Stew is STILL watching friggin rugby.  Keera has just gone to bed and I'm still listening to You Tube videos etc on me lap top.
Catch ya tomorrow.

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