Thursday, June 09, 2022



Stew had goddam baked beans n eggs Tuesday night. 

And so last night back at the motel he LITERALLY LET RIP.

I nearly gagged..  actually I did gag. All night long!

I said to him this morning...

"You see the light of day? Yeah well you should be thankful, cos I wanted to smother you during the night!"


We are heading off to Wellington soon. Looks like its another lovely day ... instead of the forecast rain.


Ok. 8.43 pm. We've had a very pleasant day with Karen. Fabulous lunch. Fabric shopping. Delicious dinner in Petone.

Back at the motel now.

The motel. Yeah. Got stung with that.

Its an EMERGENCY HOUSING MOTEL, with 'a few' units for tourists. 

I spat the dummy when we got here and realized immediately what it was.

There was NOTHING on the website about it at all and I told the receptionists there was no fucking way I would have booked us into here if I'd known!

The little bitch behind the desk said.. We don't have to disclose that on the website.

So while our unit is ok.. our neighbours ARE FUCKING NOT! I am worried about our car... but we are stuck here because it was too late to cancel.

I have rung the Napier motel and made sure they are not housing homeless people too. They are not thank God.

I can't wait to leave tomorrow. 

When we left for dinner there was a heavily tattooed guy leaning up against the building drinking grog. Ikkkk.

Right. That's me for the day.


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  1. Bugger that. Personally I would have just gone elsewhere & written off the cost of that motel and tried to claim a refund from the credit card company. Having insured a few motels like that, I know what they are like. I assume you left nothing in the car.


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