Thursday, June 16, 2022


 Well....  I slept fairly well last night, even though I was 'home alone'.

I locked all the exterior doors, bolted the internal garage door, and the internal ranch sliders leading in from the sunroom.  I also put a few things in front of the front door and the hallway... so no one was getting in without making a noise.

And of course, the dogs would have made a racket if anyone did try and get in.  

So I felt safe.

Today I'm gunna keep fluffing around in the house.  Maybe free up another shelving unit for the sunroom plant area.

I also need to start putting prices on my runners and getting them stacked up in the 'new' area I've prepared for them in the garage.

On my way home from The Base yesterday, I swung by the top end of Resolution Drive, to see how the extension is coming along.

ABOVE: Not a good photo as it was raining... this is better:

ABOVE: I follow the website 'Hamilton Expressway'.  It's been so interesting watching all their photos and videos over the last few years.  It is so near to being opened!  Another few weeks and we will be able to whizz up the road and onto the expressway in 4 minutes flat.

Same heading South, we will go down to the new Chartwell interchange and jump on the expressway there to go south.

And that's me for now, catch ya later.

12.33 pm:  And I've spent the last 3.5 hours in the garage and sunroom.  Moving shit around.
I've managed to empty a large shelving unit from the garage and put it in the sunroom.
I'm putting the large marble top unit in the sunroom too.
The cream couch that was in the sunroom is either going in the kids room, or getting sold.
I don't care which.

My Dad's chair is going back to Lacy.

I'm over having too much furniture in the house..

The dogs will have free reign in the garage.  It means isolating them in the house when my car goes in and out.  Not a problem really, just a bit more organising at the time.

ABOVE:  Taking the dog pen partitioning out has given us heaps more space in the garage!

ABOVE:  I decided NOT to try and get that big marble top unit down the two steps on my own.  I would either break it, or me.
It can wait till Stew gets home.

ABOVE:  I think it's neat that I managed to jiggle things around so I could have that black shelving unit in here.  The marble top unit is doing on the right side of that shelving unit.  It will be my 'work bench' for potting up plants etc.

I'm now knackered.  And it's lunchtime, so I might take a break and have some lunch.
I think I'm going to Steve and Bex's for dinner, Bex suggested Pizza or fish 'n' chips.  Excellent, I don't even have to 'cook' toasted sandwiches!  😂😊😋

Dinner was pizza with the kids.  So nice.

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